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Book recommendations

Updated: Jan 24

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"Can you give any book recommendations?"

Thank you. This question is appreciated. However, There are sooo many books out there by a vast amount of authors who cover a large variety of topics regarding witchcraft and the different branches of Wicca. It's really the topics that interest you that should be guiding you in what to read. The availability of books today is amazing. Whether found in a physical form in a book store, or downloaded digitally to be read from a computer or iphone, etc. or even read to you! The amount of options can become a bit overwhelming.

Me myself, I've read a few books that I felt are worth recommending to read if you are getting started to understand the ways of the craft and learning what defines the witch in you. These books made a lasting impression on me and helped me feel confident that I was on the right track in my practice.

It should be mentioned that the book recommendations below are from my own perspectives as a grey witch and may not reflect how you practice witchcraft yourself. Each and every witch is different and should follow what resonates with them personally. It is in hopes that by sharing some of the books that I have enjoyed, that it will inspire you to find other books on the topics of witchcraft or Wicca that interest you.

Book recommendations

Of course, I couldn't not start without mentioning Gerald Gardner and his non-fiction book called, "The Meaning of Witchcraft".

Gerald Gardner, known to many in the modern sense as the "Father of Wicca", based the book around his experiences with the religion of Wicca and the New Forest Coven.

Adapted from Gardnerian traditions, Seax Wicca traditions are explained in Raymond Buckland's Book called, "The Tree", which was later republished as "Buckland's Book of Saxon Witchcraft".

Raymond Buckland's writings made a huge impression on me while I was still considering myself Wiccan and exploring the differences within the religion. Buckland allowed me to learn that I myself, the witch that I am, is acceptable, has a place in Wicca and has a right to devote to the Wiccan religion. It was the Anglo Saxon perspectives and traditions that invited me to re-start my initiation from Gardnerian Wiccan to Seax Wicca in 2016 and followed through to completion in 2019.

Also, Alaric Albertsson makes the magickal wisdom of the Anglo Saxons relatable to today's practitioners accessible from his handbook of Saxon sorcery and magic:

With elaborate details of runes, charms, brews and portions, and modules of magick and spell casting from the perspectives of Saxon sorcery. Exploring the practices and customs hidden in English folk traditions the book above shares techniques for making wands and staffs, concecrated and using a seax, wortcunning, soothsaying, and more!

As a grey witch I thoroughly enjoyed and related with "Of Blood and Bones, Working with shadow magick and the dark moon", by Kate Freuler.

This book spoke so closely to my own personal experience with some of the workings that I have done over the many years of my persona practice. Some workings are not for the faint hearted. Freuler does a wonderful job describing some of the grey areas of magick.

Speaking of 'grey' areas of magick, "The Grey Witch's Grimoire" by Amythyst Raine did not disappoint.

In this book, Raine shares her perspectives by describing some of the many different aspects of grey witchery and the viewpoint of balance and control that is involved. Also known as Neutral Magick, it involves all kinds of energies in order to "tip the scales" in the direction of the desired manifestation.

A terrific metaphysical guide to manifestation by Matt Auryn, including meditation and magick. is the book "Psychic Witch":

Filled with meditative exercises and psychic activities to help strengthen psychic ability, Auryn really dives deep into aspects of grounding, healing and manifestation completely from an astral perspective.


It is my belief that all of the books above would be instrumental in understanding and empowering both the shown and the shadow.

Have you already read any of the above books? What was your opinion? Do you have a book that you would recommend? Please feel free to share your thoughts.

Wishing you well and safe journey on your path in setting up your own magickal and personal practice in Witchcraft.

Please feel free to submit any questions that you may have at and I will share my own perspective in hopes that it helps you to find your own.

Blessed be.

Update: l also mention a few more books that also go in depth about magickal workings and spells, and a pagan lifestyle, etc. in this more recent blog entry: Other Book Suggestions

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