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Demystifying tarot

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"Does tarot involve demons, or evil?"

This question has also actually been asked to me in person while I was offering intuitive readings at a mall. When something is not understood, the mystery around it can often generate thoughts of anxiety or fear as the mind tends to get carried away projecting possible dangers. This is widely thanks to many of the negative fantastical ideas portrayed in novels, movies, television, etc. regarding almost anything occult related. More about the "Hollywood" misconceptions is available in this previous bog entry: Hollywood misconceptions of witches.

Within all tarot, the messages are received by associating them to the different aspects of our lives. This is how we then gain new perspectives and insight during a reading. The messages are actually drawn from within ourselves based on the symbolisms in the cards and not coming from some external source.

An example of how our mind creates associations is: If you purchased a stylish new car. Once you purchased it you may also realize that you begin to notice that same brand, make and model of car being seen around being driving on the roads suddenly or seen in parking lots, etc. Whereas you didn't notice this before you purchased your vehicle. This middle of car stands out to you in your mind now that you've created an association with that model - owning one yourself.

Another example: When you or your spouse has become pregnant and then suddenly you start to notice pregnant women everywhere you go! It's not that they were not around as much before your own experience of pregnancy. However, due to the current situation's circumstances your mind now associates that experience seen to your own experiences. Even if not totally the same.

The same can be said with many aspects of our lives! And so, when receiving messages within a tarot reading we subconsciously make connections to the associations that we hold in our mind based on the symbolisms seen in the cards.

If within a reading I pulled a three-of-swords which often resembles a very hard or hurtful communication and placed it to a future position in a card spread, one automatically starts to think what conversations may be foreseen coming soon that would be hard to have. This causes one to consider all of the possibilities of a "hard conversation to get through" and then looking at the situation involved from a different perspective than before the reading began. This new perspective into the same situation can bring insight and enlightenment needed to prepare for such a conversation, or what it could be about, or whatever it means to the one receiving the reading.

Many have a misconception that tarot reading involves connecting with dark elements, or evil spirits, similar to many of the misconceptions that revolve around spirit boards. This previous blog entry speaks more about this, also known as ouiji boards at: 

It is my opinion that, when tarot is used properly, is more of a tool of psychology rather than mystical or magickal. How we relate the messages within tarot to our lives makes for a more personalized, inspirational and helpful reading session.

When giving myself self readings I have always found the results helpful and guiding and have never recieved bad advice, or misleading suggestions.

In my profession as an intuitive tarot reader, I've even worked side by side with a registered therapist. The therapist's client was sent to me to do a tarot reading and then the client would afterwards revisit the therapist to talk about the messages recieved and work through acknowledgement and healing that was needed. The tarot reading was used to bring out from within the challenges needing to be worked through later in therapy. This is one example of how tarot can be used collaboratively with shadow work. More about that is available here: Shadow work in my opinion.

Most of whom receive tarot readings from me receive confirmation, assurance, or affirmation in what they are going through in their lives. In no way, over the many years that I've been involved with tarot, have I seen negativity or evil derived from our connected to receiving a tarot reading.

Thank you for sending in this question as I very much appriciate the opportunity to demystify what it means to receive a tarot reading. Please feel free to send me any questions, if I can elaborate or explain further.

If you are interested in more information about tarot, please feel free to visit my other website which includes helpful tips, suggestions and advice about learning to do tarot self readings for yourself. They're are also example readings available at: if helpful.

Thank you for visiting and for reading my blog!

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