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Solitary VS Secular VS Coven based

The submitted question covered in this blog:

"What is the difference between a solitary practitioner and a secular practitioner?

Thank you for this question. Even though these terms may seem similar, as they both technically mean working with one's self. However, they do not mean the same thing:

A Solitary Practitioner is a witch who practices on their own terms, based on their own individual perspectives, without interaction or collaboration from other witches. This would be someone who does not get involved with covens or other witches and prefers to keep their practices to themselves. A solitary practice may be extremely personal to the individual and their practice may not remotely reflect or represent the same as another's. Each is unique in their own ways - There are just as many types of witches as there are witches!

A Secular Practitioner is a witch that does not include supernatural supreme beings, nor the belief of gods, or goddesses, in their practice. This would be someone who may or may not work with other witches as a group. However, does not work with nor devote themselves to deities. A secular practice may resemble an atheist views of not believing in god(s). However, most Wiccan witches are non-secular within their traditions and cultures, and often involves dualism (two representations such as a Goddess and God) or polytheism (beleif in multiple gods, goddesses or deities often divided amongst several pantheons, etc.).

Whereas a Coven Based Practitioner is a witch that prefers to work with other witches in their practice and may or may not involve deities, demons, gods or goddesses, etc. This would be someone who get's together with other witches at gatherings and performs magick together as a group. Usually these groups align in their beliefs and traditions working close together in ritual and/or magick.

All of the above can be intertwined.

So, for example: I myself am a secular Wiccan. Let me explain: Atuned with the different aspects of my own human nature within myself in my practice stands in place of deities within the structure of my Seax Wiccan traditions and rituals. It is my fundamental belief that one day science will be able to explain manifestation, astral travel, psychic downloads, and Mediumship messages along with the current misunderstanding that exist around consciousness (which the experience of having a conciseness has still yet to be explained by the science or medical community) and other unexplained human experiences.

This makes me a secular coven based practitioner. From my personal rare and unique perspective as a Humanist, witchcraft utilizes a human resource of intention within everyone. All human beings are capable of magickal manifestation and there are so many different ways that this can be achieved, whether it be meditation, affirmations, or divination, and many others from different cultures of the diverse human world.

How we reside with and connect with: nature; our surroundings; an inner deep awareness within ourselves; is all connected to magick.

Follow your instincts and trust your intuition!!!

Thank you for reading my blog and for visiting the website!

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