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Common household item substitutions

Updated: May 24, 2023

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"Can I substitute certain tools required for a spell?"

This is an interesting question regarding tools, and finding substitutions for items. Thank you to whom submitted it. The first thing that should be mentioned is, tools and items can be helpful to focus our intentions. However, are not actually required to do witchcraft. As mentioned in this previous bog entry: Self made tools within my craft.

Although not necessary, tools and items within rituals or spells can help to associate more with the intentions of workings. For example, many feel a wand helpful to direct energy. It doesn't need to be done with an elaborately polished and finished wand purchased from a metaphysical shop.

  • Image of my self made wand

Personally, I use the fingers of my hand when my wand isn't available. However, a simularily shaped stick found from the ground surrounding at the time can also suffice. This can be a beautiful way to incorporate nature more into your practice and when the workings are complete the stick can be returned back to the surroundings. This can also be done with stones, pine cones, or really whatever resonates with you.

Some other common household item substitutions:

  • A mason jar, instead of a small cauldron

  • A bath rub, instead of a large cauldron

  • Crushed egg shells, instead of salt

  • A stone, instead of a crystal

  • A tealite candle, instead of a ritual candle

  • A tray, in use of an alter

  • Long grass, instead of string or ribbon

  • Small coins, to represent prosperity

  • Bread-ties to represent protection

  • ... Really, whatever is available to you!!!!

Even a small box of home office supplies can be extremely useful as one may find elastics or ribbon to represent binding; or, clips to represent attachment or retainment; or, a small nail to represent foundation or holding-on, or determination; etc. ...Purhaps you may resonate staples with bringing-together? ... Or perhaps staple are more restrictive, or puncturing, etc. One can look at the same item from different points of perspective, gaining different associations that can be used.

It is really up to you!!!

That's the point afterall, how you resonate with the associations involved with that item or tool and also in which how it is being used.

Really any item that you associate with a specific intention can be worked with and used to draw out from within the energies used for the working. Even very simple items such as paper clips, mason jars, etc. can be super resourcetul and helpful in a magickal practitioner.

I tend to collect objects and items regularly for this purpose that I see along my way, or aside the path I'm walking, that I may find use for later on. Such as, stones, matches, coins, little charms, buttons, and others. This little habit becomes very handy when in need for a symbolic representation of my intentions and I don't have the means to gather supples, or spend money.

It should also be mentioned that unless provided by nature, any item used within workings should be cleansed or consecrated, and charged with intention before use - depending on your practice.

With all the above said, YES - you certainly can substitute tools and items within spellwork as long as you can associate with the replacement item in the same or similar way.

Thank you so much for visiting my website and reading my blog! Was this helpful? Please feel free to share your feedback at: it would be greatly appreciated.

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