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Self made tools within my craft

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Submitted question covered in this blog/pictures:

"Do I need to purchase tools to get started in witchcraft?"

This question is sooooo appriciated, thank you to whom submitted it. There is a common misconception that being a witch is an expensive endeavor. The short answer is: No, absolutely not!

For example, spellwork is powered by intention. And so, in my tradition the only tool that I really need, to focus and direct energy, is my mind and the pointer and middle fingers of my own hands. Magical tools and ingredients definately can help to focus that intention. However, the best tools to use are the ones that are hand made by ourselves. While we make and create items to be used in the craft our own energy is going into that item. Whether it is an ingredient of herb grown in your garden, a pretty stone found near the sea shore, a stick taken from a tree in a forest for a wand, or cut grass and bindweed vines intertwined to form a human shape to use as a poppet, collected rain water in a bowl to charge in the moonlight to make moon water, etc. If you feel the need for tools and ingredients to assist you, it does not actually require a single cent of money. Nothing that you need in witchcraft had to be purchased.

That being said, it DOES take time and patience to grow, seek out or create ingredients or tools to be used within spellwork. Many self made tools tends to be temporary and may need to be replaced or created regularly. With the hustle and bustle of modern life sometimes it may feel like they're just isn't the time to take to make it happen. Not to mention some are not crafty or skilled in making their own supplies, Or perhaps patience just isn't a 'strong suit that is worn often'. If you have the means, there is nothing wrong with purchasing ingredients and tools to save time or be relieved of stress and hassle. It is strongly recommended that when purchasing supplies, that the objects be cleansed and charged with your own energy or consecrated before using for your workings. Items created by others can still contain the others' intentions and energies. Be sure to know the energies you're working with in spellwork!

Personally, I have purchased many tools and supplies for convenience over the years of my practice. But, I thought it may be helpful for me to share some of the items that I have created for myself or was provided by nature that I use in my practice:

Personal (self made or collected) Magickal Tools:

Garden herbs and ingredients:

Most of my herbs and ingredients are grown in my garden, harvested and stored to be used outside of the growing season. I also collect, ash, stones and rocks, sticks, acorns, feathers, etc. that I feel have energetic association of properties to them. Some ingredients I am unable to obtain without purchasing, such as salt for example (and I obviously purchased the jars). However, most can be provided by my surroundings in nature.

The same can be said for blooms and peddles from my wild yard. When I feel that I need an associated reference within my workings, I can take from my stored supplies of dried flowers when not in season. Making much of what I grow readily available for spellwork throughout the year.


This wand was made by myself from a thin branch on my apple tree on my property. Permission was requested and felt it was granted by the plant to take the branch. This wand symbolises love and protection energy as does the tree it came from. It was sanded and painted black with a specially made blacksalt acyllic mix and anointed with my personal witch's brew oil.


These witch runes are self made by cutting a branch into slices and literally drawing the rune symbols on one side of each. Can be used to cast rune readings and intuitively read the messages received. Can cast to a layout or individually select from a bag and read the symbols as an oracle.

Tarot cards:

Even in its simplest form, tarot can be helpful to gain insight and new prospectives. Created from cardstock paper and a black pen, these self made tarot cards are Theban charectored and based on numerology and traditional tarot structure. Very simple and yet, very powerful.

Books for information:

Although I did not create the physical books themselves (they were purchased as blank notebooks) I did however create all of the contents within the books and filling them with most of the information that I have learned along my path in witchcraft over the past decades. These are my references to the craft. I have since purchased author published books (by Scott Cunningham, or Raymond Buckland, for example) which just confirmed for me that I was on the right track for myself. I still prefer referencing my own books of collected references, spells, rituals, shadow work exercises, and other useful information.

-- If I can clarify anything here or if you have questions, please feel free to submit your comments and questions on the homepage of or send email to

Thank you for visiting and reading my blog!


I more recently wrote a blog entry about purchases items used in my craft at

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