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Purchased items used in my practice

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Submitted question covered in this blog/pictures:

"Can you talk more about purchased items you use in your practice?"

I believe what this submitted question is referring to is in a previous blog, i mentioned: DOES take time and patience to grow, seek out or create ingredients or tools to be used within spellwork. Many self made tools tends to be temporary and may need to be replaced or created regularly. With the hustle and bustle of modern life sometimes it may feel like they're just isn't the time to take to make it happen. Not to mention some are not crafty or skilled in making their own supplies, Or perhaps patience just isn't a 'strong suit that is worn often'. If you have the means, there is nothing wrong with purchasing ingredients and tools to save time or be relieved of stress and hassle. It is strongly recommended that when purchasing supplies, that the objects be cleansed and charged with your own energy or consecrated before using for your workings. Items created by others can still contain the others' intentions and energies. Be sure to know the energies you're working with in spellwork!
Personally, I have purchased many tools and supplies for convenience over the years of my practice. But, I thought it may be helpful for me to share some of the items that I have created for myself or was provided by nature that I use in my practice:...

The above was from a previous blog entry about self made tools that I personally use within my craft. Thank you for asking me to expand on this. Here, in this blog entry, below, I thought I would answer by sharing about some of the items that I've either had custom made for me by other practitioners, or that I have purchased and cleansed or consecrated to be used within my own craft.

It is worth reiterating that purchasing items and supplies are completely not necessary to start a practice in witchcraft or Wicca. There is no actual need to spend money in order to be a witch. Spellwork is powered by intention. And so, in my tradition the only tool that I really need, to focus and direct energy, is my mind and the pointer and middle fingers of my own hands. Magical tools and ingredients definitely can help direct energy to focus that intention. However, the best tools to use are the ones that are provided by and found within nature, or hand made by ourselves.

Purchased items

Smaller Crystals

Charged to be used with a variety of spell workings (or as associations to represent various energies working with), the vibrations from smaller crystals are often taken advantage of.

Larger Crystals

Providing a means of clarity, clearing and cleansing, larger crystals are used in my practice to ground, align with and take advantage of the higher vibrational and energetic patterns of each.

Crystal balls

Crystal balls are an excellent divination tool in my practice that I also use for focusing, and remaining objective during spellwork for others, as well as during tarot readings. I write about using my crystal balls during tarot readings in my Stafford Tarot Blog:

Singing bowls

An excellent way for me to clear energy for me in my practice is with singing bowls. I have several different kinds, sizes and tones that I associate for different uses. This is my largest, which can cleanse my entire home with its powerful sound vibrations.


An ongoing and never ending collection of candles. My immediate family has caught on that candles make excellent gifts when I'm hard to shop for - LOL. Once cleansed and consecrated purchased candles can be a time saver given all the application abilities with candle magick.

Books (suggestion to read, read, read...)

Reading books and articles (hard cover it online) can be excellent sources of information. Although many of the books that I have purchased are provided by online reader services and can't show them here, what I can show are a few of the printed books that I have around. Even though each has been thoroughly read, they still make excellent resources to refer back to when trying to be more creative within workings.

Tarot Cards and Oracle Decks

Another massive collection of mine are the number of tarot and oracle decks that I own. Even though I've made tarot reading into a profession, there are many decks of cards that I do not use within readings for others and are strictly for my own personal use (not shown here). I talk more about my tarot decks on my Stafford Tarot blog at:


Quite often a containment is required during spellwork whether for a collection of ingredients, or to create/mix oils, or to hold a flame, my cauldren assists with many of my spells and rituals.


Similar to a wand, my athame is used to direct energy during rituals, ceremonies or spellworkings as well as carve runes, sigils or other magickal markings. If used for anything harmful (such as a to injure or wound), would be considered affensive and sacreligious.

Ritual Sword

Used along with a spear in Seax Wiccan traditions, this sword was custom made for me to be used within sacred rites, rituals, ceremonial traditions and spellwork. If used for anything of a harmful nature (such as a sword fight, or a wounding for example) would be considered affensive and sacreligious.


Thank you for visiting and reading my blog.

If I can clarify anything here or if you have questions, please feel free to submit your comments and questions on the homepage of or send email to

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