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Types of magick -Neutral/High/Low

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"Are there different types of magick?"

Thank you for submitting this question which is so appriciated. Because, many witches that I've met either don't even realize that there are different types of magick, or many witches form a misunderstanding as to what the different types of magick mean.

For example: some witches call themselves a "white" witch (meaning only focusing on good intentions) or some use the term "black magick" meaning bad or evil. I personally feel that in today's day-in-age these white/black terms can give a very wrong impression and comes across the absolute wrong way - in my mind. I am also not referring to the type of witch. Rather, i'm speaking about the types of magick any kind of witch can do.

White doesn't mean good and black doesn't mean bad.

Respectively, the term "Black Magick" when used appropriately actually refers to the traditions and customs originating in African Tribal Magick.

It should be mentioned that I believe that there is no bad or good in magick. As someone who identifies as a "Grey" practitioner of magick myself, this is quite often misunderstood. Being a Grey Witch means that I take an approach of balancing energy and exploring the "grey areas" of magick. This can include right from wrong, masculine from feminine, positive from negative, wealth from poverty, etc. Within my practice I'm not focusing on the middlepoint of evil like some seem lead to believe. I feel as though there is a wide misunderstanding that the types of magick that there are, are either good or bad. In my experience this just is not the case. Magick can involve noble intentions and it can also involve baneful intentions. This lies within the intentions of the caster, not within the magick itself that is done.

The difference between the main types of magick IS about the intention involved. However, it's NOT about nice vs evil.

There is "Neutral Magick", "High Magick", and "Low Magick" which in my view can be described together as the three main realms of witchcraft.

Neutral Magick

The Universe or Nature works it's own magick, in the background and witches work within it. This is the fabric of manifestations. The behind-the-scenes to a witches magickal workings is Neutral Magick. Consisting of energy vibrations, other dimentions and realms of reality, it vastly includes, but not limited to: nature; life force; energy flow; the fae; spirit; astral; gaia; the green man; goddess; god; web of life; cords; the universe; etc. etc. etc...

High Magick

Workings that are meant to have a spiritual purpose rather than a practical one and depends heavily on learning precise, complicated ritual and intricate sets of correspondences and associations, is High Magick. It involves improving one's inner self, which can include self empowerment, initiation, gaining divine knowledge, purification, the attraction of proper influences, embracing one's destiny, etc. Ceremonial magick is a form of High Magick in its own rite. In my opinion Christianity can also be considered as a form of high magick.

Low Magick

Otherwise, workings that influences the mundane or has practical purposes such as healing, attracting luck or love, driving away evil, finding lost items, bringing good harvests, fertility, etc. is Low Magick. Rituals involve day to day everyday items: plant material, coins, nails, wood, stones, etc. Most folk magick traditions and customs can be considered Low Magick which are often passed down through generations of family teachings. However, with the wide sharing of information in books and over the internet these days, more and more is becoming accessible to all whom are interested no matter their background or religion, or beliefs.

Personally, my practice involves High Magick and Low Magick as I do identify as and live my life as a Witch and Seax Wiccan. Please feel free to share with me what it is that you believe. I'm always happy to hear about other perspectives from other practitioners of magick and other types of witches.

It is in hopes that this has helped to clear up any misunderstandings that there might be about the types of magick that there are. At least from my own perspective.

Thanks for reading my blog. If you have a question that you would like to submit, please feel free to do so, or write to me

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