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Submitted question covered in this blog:

"Can I create a spell to banish something other than a person?"

Thank you for this question, which I believe may be referring to this previous blog entry: Petition to remove/banish. This mentioned blog and video describes and demonstrates a petition working to remove someone from one's life or situation.

It can also be comparible to cleaning up the garbage of what remains afterwards when we go through something traumatic.

The above mentioned blog and video contains just one example of a simple banishing ritual. This same working could be personally configured for a variety of intentions whether it be removing a specific person from your situation, ending a bad habit or banishing a vice from yourself, etc. The petition used can represent anything and can be represented by any tag such as an image, an affirming word, or a symbol or a sigil, etc. Banishing spells can look like whatever you resonate with most, just like most spells. Which, is why it is often said, "there is no wrong way". The more personally satisfying the working is to the caster, the more likely it will manifest.

This previous blog entry also contains another example of a banishing ritual: Spell to assit quitting a bad habit.

You could even intend to banish the weeds from your front lawn! Basically, any spell that is with intention to remove something or someone is a form of banishment.

The most simple form of banishment is to pick up a stone, charge the stone with resonating as symbolically representing what you want to let go of, and then throwing the stone, casting it away from you or down stream, etc. Watch the stone leave and disappear just like the resonated association.

A very common spiritual phrase that is often used when removing things from ourselves or from our lives, or even from our subconscious, is referred to as "cord cutting". Cords being depicted as connections we hold emotionally, intellectually and/or spiritually to things in our lives or from our past. By visually 'severing' these connections by imagining yourself cutting away the 'cords' that connect you with what it is that you are letting go of, can be a powerful meditation exercise and motivator of intention. The ritual itself can become a rite of passage to move forward without whatever is left behind.

However you visualize, or symbolize, or associate with your intention is not the point when creating your own spell. The point is the intention itself that's going into that working. The rituals, tools, supplies, incantations, etc. used in spellwork all help to build on the focus to increase the intention desired. It is intention that powers spellwork.

It is in hope that this makes sense. Please reach out if i can clarify or please feel free to submit further questions!


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