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Magickal Cleaning

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"I heard spring cleaning should be part of a witch's practice, is that true?"

In my opinion, Absolutely! Thank you for submitting this question! To be honest, any symbolic action made magickal can be made part of anyone's personal practice. Afterall, it's all about intention. I can mention about how common spring cleaning is related to witchcraft practices. Thank you so much for inquiring!

First off, spring is considered a special time for Wiccans and Witches alike as it is the process of nature awakening again after the winter slumber. It becomes a time for awakenings, new beginnings, and cleansing. Hybernations are ending. After being shut up through the winter to maintain heat and comfort, homes can now be aired out and refreshed. Many witches will tackle this with a good spring cleaning!

Some very simple and easy ways in which to cleanse during cleaning magickally is to energetically sweep of a broom, create a lemon/vinegar infusion, and clean with intention of protection and energetic charging, add moon water to your floor wash or window cleaner, mirror cleanser, etc.

Some witches like to sprinkle salt or black salt into the corners of their dwelling in order to alleviate negativity and discourage unwanted energies (which can be vacuumed afterwards and then disposed of). The options are endless!

During spring time can be an excellent time to do cleansing practices as a refresher to the home removing any energetic stagnance. Whilst, getting in some good spring cleaning.

The most common way of cleansing a home is with the smoke from burning bundles of specific herbs in order to disburse negative energies and/or encourage positive energies through out the home. I personally like to do this by moving widdershins (counter clockwise) around my home and in each room with the wafting smoke. This previous blog entry mentioned smoke cleansing, and the also mentions how that is different from smoke smudging:

There are so many other ideas that also come to mind. Such as, but not limited to: sound, like ringing bells, chimes, or clanking pots & pans, etc. which can help to disburse energies allowing a witch to then build upon the desired energetic environment of their home. Or, spraying around blessed moon water in a magickal spritz around the home, (more about working with the moon phases is available at: working with the moon phases).

Or, the use of a cleansing tool, such as selenite crystal wand, creating a witches ladder, negativity wards, protective talismans, Etc. placed around the home, or on yourself, property, in your vehicle, and otherwise.

And, so much more! There are so many ways in which energetic cleansings can be completed depending on your practice, magickal associations, and techniques that feel satisfying to you.

As the spring time progresses closer towards the summer season, picking flowers to be placed inside the home is also a cleansing technique amongst some witches. Using the energies of the selected plants to build upon and change the 'feeling' of a room, for example. Popular choices tend to be Lilac, tulips, paperwhites, daisies, hyacinths, and many other spring time bloomers.

Planting specific plants bushes and herbs around the home outside can also help to change the energies of the home inside and property surrounding. For example, planting rosemary in a garden near the entrance of the home can be a very protective ward for incoming negative intentions sent your way.

There are also many natural plants that grow back every spring (that some refer to as 'weeds'). These can spread into a property to create their own layer of protection around a witches dwelling.

More information about protecting yourself is available in this previous blog entry at: protecting yourself further.

It is in hopes that this is helpful. Please, feel free to submit any questions, or let me know if I can elaborate more on this topic. Comments are always welcome!!!

Thank you for visiting my website and for reading my blog!

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