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Creating a witch's bottle

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"How would you protect against malicious magick?"

Negativity wards are essential in my practice to bring balance by discouraging negativity and to feel protected against the negative intentions of others. This question is greatly appreciated and thank you to whom submitted it.

First off, the more positive you are in your thinking the less negativity will have an effect on you. But, sometimes it can be helpful to ward off the influence of some of the incoming negativity that may be sent by others.

There are so many ways to create a ward to discourage unwanted negativity or the lowering if energetic vibrations. I would recommend using several techniques to ward off negative energies if felt or need be.

-- Image of witch balls of cottage witchcraft

The one that i will talk about here in this blog is one of oldest and most powerful form of a negativity ward known, that i have researched, is the creation of a Witch's bottle spell.

To create a Witch's bottle spell, you will need:

  • A glass jar with a sealable lid

  • Sharp or reflective items such as pins, nails, pieces of glass, broken mirror, etc.

  • Salt or sea salt that's been consecrated

  • A piece of string

  • A black candle

  • A magickal tag or bodily fluids of the person to be protected (such as urine)

To start, fill the jar about half way with the sharp or reflective items with the intention of shredding or reflecting back any negative energy directed towards the intended protected person.

Add the salt with it's purification properties, and the red string as a protective association.

Add the urine (or blood or other bodily fluid as a magickal tag) of the person to be protected. Hair, or fingernail clippings can also be added. The intention of adding the essence of the person is to draw the negative energy to the bottle instead of the person and then the sharp items within either shred the negative energy or reflective objects within reflect it back to the sender.

If not comfortable with the use of bodily fluids, you could also consecrated moon water or wine as a substitute. I would not recommend the use of vinegar for this spell as vinegar is commonly used to preserve or curse within some hexes.

Close the jar (make sure that it is air tight so not too leak) and seal it with the candle wax.

Once the bottle is created with intention and you are satisfied with it, hide it in the home or bury it outside. Be sure to choose a hiding place where it will not be found or disturbed. In the olden days, a Witch's bottle could be hidden behind the stones within a chimney hearth or built within the walls of a cabin, for example. For those who may be renting a home or apartment, or do not have access to property, it could be buried in a large house plant pot, or strategically hidden in a cupboard, under a step, in an attic or basement, etc

The bottle can then be hidden somewhere where it for sure is not to be disturbed. It is then left out of sight out of mind to do it's job. It will protect the home against any negative intentions from others which also includes any malicious spellwork from other witches.

This work brings the mind at ease and allows the focus of positive intentions without being bombarded with the negativity of others.

-- Image of 17th Century Witch's Bottle

(I haven't included an image of my own witch's bottle, since it is such a personal protective spell, and also, it so well hidden, not even I can retrieve it 😉)

Please feel free to let me know if i can elaborate further on this topic or you have any other questions or concerns. Messages can be submitted to me right the homepage or by writing email to

Stay safe and blessed be

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