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Out of the broom closet

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"Can you suggest a spell to 'come out of the broom closet?'"

Thank you for this question. The term 'come out of the broom closet' means to reveal yourself to others as a witch. This question is very much appriciated as the process of telling other people you are a witch has been known to actually put people's lives in jeopardy with the number of misunderstandings and misconceptions that so exist, as mentioned in this previous blog entry: Hollywood misconceptions. So it makes sense to me that magick may be helpful to 'sweep up that mess!'.

However, it would be my advice to be carefull using spellwork to resolve such a personal situation. As, with others' free will involved should be handled with care and caution. Spells of small influences of knowledge and understanding may be better then a full-out spell to get them to accept you as a witch. For example, where will you be if/when the spell wears off? ... When the spell wears off you want to feel good knowing that the people you told are not just accepting you due to the magick involved. You want them to accept you for who you are, on their own terms. And, not to just be forced to comply - that is not an understanding.

Like, a communication spell (for example) may help them to 'hear what your saying' more clearly. It is still left up to them themselves with their own free will to accept it.

A petition working can be successfully done with communication spells, if you are familiar with? Here is a previous blog entry that mentions one type of petition spell: petition to remove or banish. Instead of folding the petition away from you symbolizing leaving you, fold it towards you symbolizing coming to you. Instead of turning the petition left/widdershins/counter clockwise to symbolize removal, turn the petition right/deosil/clockwise to symbolize additional.

Creating a magickal petition is basically writing down what you want (petitioning your desire) and then doing something relevant or meaningful with it in ritual with intention to manifest it. For example, creating a comunication sigil on a small piece of paper, folding it 3 times turning it clockwise with each fold towards you (associating with bringing it in) and then using it like a little spell talisman. You can keep it in your pocket during the difficult conversation or behind your phone case, etc. Do something with it that resonates with your intention of having clear communication. (Or "planting the seed" so-to-speak so to get the thought process in the right direction at first)

The intention should be set with the creation of the sigil, and the petition (little folded piece of paper) will reflect that energy during the spell - however you use it. I sometimes create a petition to burn it in a candle spell and then scry the flame to determine or foresee the spell's chances of outcome.

A petition can be placed inside a spell jar. Or, in conjunction with other forms of magick in the many realms of the craft. There are many ways in which a petition can be implemented into spellwork for that desired intentional boost to your workings.

What I also like about sigil use with petitions is if found by anyone else, it will not be as obvious what the meaning of it is. Or, another way of being discreet is to use a theban charector sets, or charged runes, glyphs, or symbols to represent your intentional desire. More info on sigils can be found at: Sigil work.

To know what your message is, or what your working should represent, think of what you feel when you focus on "acceptance", or "communication". For example, some resonate string with communication. Think back to the little kids' game of creating a 'telephone' with two cups attached to each with string. Speaking into one cup allows the vibrations of voice to travel down the string and echo into the second cup at the other end of the string. Hence, being able to hear the message given from the first Cup to the second. Or, some can resonate a cup to listening, if you are familiar with the technique of putting a cup against a wall or door and placing your ear against the end of the cup to listen to what's happening in the next room. Etc.

Some green witches use black eyed susan flowers, or sunflowers, etc. as a symbols of acceptance, because the peddles are bright yellow with dark brown/black centres in the blossoms which represent the contrast of ideas forming into something together that's beautiful.

Spells work best when done ourselves due to the fact that the more connected and emotionally involved, and satisfying the workings are, the more likely it will manifest. And so, I would suggest that you create a unique spell that feels right for you individually to your circumstances.

Deep shadow work can also be helpful to discover the exact method of a magickal working in order to determine my associations and tools and ingredients, methods, incantation, etc. More info on that can be found at: Shadow work in my opinion. Shadow work can also help reveal underlying issues or traumas that need to be worked out in order to tackle start such a personally revealing and potentially difficult journey.

If I can help further, please don't hesitate to ask. Thank you so much for visiting my website, reading my blog and submitting questions!!!

Many blessings!

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