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Working with pendulums

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Submitted question covered in this blog:

" How do pendulums work? "

A pendulum is really any object of query that is suspended and hangs in a way that it can freely swing back and forth, side to side and around, etc.

It is a tool of your own intuition. And so, reading the answers and trusting in its use and acknowledgement is key for it to continue to communicate well. Be sure to be grounded beforehand, confirm yes/no before asking your question, and trust your intuition to use the pendulum to guide you. You should feel confident in your pendulum to answer accurately. Avoid asking repetitive questions to a pendulum to see how it gives answers the same question. Because, just like in any relationship, if you do not trust and accept in the guidance offered, the pendulum will stop guiding you efficiently. If you find that your pendulum just isn't giving accurate answers, cleanse it and start to rebuild an energetic relationship with it.

Some pendulums are created specifically for this use and can be purchased at most metaphysical shops and stores. However, purchasing a pendulum for your use is not entirely necessary. A pendulum can be made from home made objects and string, or a chain and pendant, or even with the use of hanging chime bells, etc.

No matter the intention being charged into the pendulum in order to work with your intuition, can usually only give Positive, Negative or Unknown suggested answers. Many may phrase these answers as, Yes, No, or Unsure when asking a specific question. The proper way to ask a question to a pendulum is to be sure the question has a close-ended answer.  For example, the question can be answered with a yes, or a no, or maybe, or unsure. 

Avoid asking open ended questions that requires more information than can be simply affirmed.  For example, "Where will I be in five years?" Unless mapped out the possible choices on a pendulum chart, the answer may be too complicated for a pendulum to answer directly.   As long as you are prepared to receive the answer, I personaly do not believe that there are "wrong" questions to ask.

To start, take a few deep breaths, and then hold the chain or string or chain of the pendulum from the end so that the pendulum's weight pulls it straight, centred and as still as possible. The weighted object must hang suspended and freely in order to accurately translate messages. Ask the pendulum to "show a 'YES'", and while holding that in your thoughts run your other hand's fingers down the string or chain starting at the top and working your way down to the pendulum weight charging with the intention of your question. Then, hold that same hand underneath the pendulum and allow it to hang still and freely. The way that it stays to swing is how it will answer positive to your question. So the same thing again only this time ask the pendulum to "Show a 'NO'", and notice how it swings differently - this is how it will answer negative to your question. Now, do this one last time. However, ask the pendulum the question you want the answer too. Watch carefully how the pendulum starts to swing and notice which answer the pendulum is trying to give you. If it swings in a way that was not described, the answer may be unsure or unknown at this time.

The first types of pendulums were made by tying a string to any weighted object, such as a wedding ring, for example, and using it to determine answers about love, marriage, child barring, fortune and prosperity, etc. In this example, taking the wedding ring of a pregnant wife and hanging out in front of the women's emerging belly to ask whether she will give birth to a boy or a girl. If the pendulum swings one way, it's a girl, swings another way then, it's a boy.

Over the years pendulum's have become a powerful divination tool steered and directed by energy. It can not only be used to connect with our own energy and intuition. Many practitioners use pendulums to locate lost or misplaced items, or to find direction. But also, reading the energy of others' energy as well. This is why some mediums also sometimes are known to use pendulums as a communication tool to connect with the energy of spirits of their sitters' departed loved ones.

Be sure to ask your pendulum to show you how it will answer "yes, no, or unsure" before charging it with your initial question to be sure you read the pendulum the way intented. Also, pendulums can be used to connect with spirits or ancestors, etc. - Yes. However, in my experience this usually requires connecting with the spirit beforehand and asking them to manipulate the pendulum with their choices, and shouldn't be happening without your intention to do so.

There are also layouts and pendulum charts available where as you hold a pendulum above it and watch what options the pendulum swings towards or points too in the chart or specified layout.

Thank you for visiting my website, and for reading my blog. Any inquiries can be submitted to if there are any questions or need to clarity further. I am always happy to help.


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