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Divination tea

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"How can divination be improved upon?"

One way that I try to improve my divination experience is to use a divination aid, such as a focus or centre point, grounding and cleansing, meditation, and by drinking a divination potion or tea blend beforehand.

Thank you for submitting this inquiry. Personally, towards this purpose, I like to harvest dandelion roots in the spring time. One of the most important awarenesses when harvesting any plants is how far away the plant is growing from sources of pollution, such as traffic and roadways, or factories, etc. Plants absorb minerals as well as chemicals found within the dirt. And so, be sure to harvest plants from noncontaminated soil.

Harvesting this root can be a little tricky to do. It is important to be careful not to snap or break the root when pulling the plant from the ground. Or, it may need to be dug out depending. There are special gardening tools specifically made to allow easier harvesting. However, are not really required once you get the hang of it. The roots are not the only useful part of this plant as the leaves and flowers are very edible, contain vitamins and the flowers can also be made into a dandelion syrup with healing, prosperity and empowerment properties. For this blog, I'm going to focus on just the root.

Once the dirty is removed, the root can be collected with the thin brown rind attached, and then cut into small 1 cm length segments (about 1/3rd of an inch) and then left to dry out. Can be laid out in a sunny location or a dehydrater machine can be used to speed up the drying process. Tea made with dandelion root tends to hold a strong nutty flavour and aroma. If prefer more of a coffee taste and experience, the root segments can be oven roasted at a low temperature for about 40 minutes. Once completely dried out, the dandelion root can be added to tea blends or steeped in their own.

The roots can be stored all year round in a sealed container placed in a cool, dry and dark location. A teaspoon of dried root can be added to other tea blends. It would be my preference to drink the potion or tea right before initiating divination, no matter the technique being used. Of course, you can drink the solution slowly during the divination practice depending.

No matter the method or technique or association that you use to do divination, always trust your intuition and follow your instincts. There is no right or wrong way to connect with the divine.

Some of the different divination techniques that I am familiar with are:

Automatic Writing or Scribbling

Crystal Ball Scrying

Rune Castings

Charm Castings

Tea Leaf Readings

Astrological Analysis

Water Scrying

Tarot Readings

Oracle Card Pulls


Wittan Sticks

Black Mirrors

Deity Divination, such as during ritual,

Spirit Divination, such as using a spirit board,

...and there are so much more available!

Divination and Witches

I've also often heard about a bit of a stereotype around this when it comes to witches. Witches are definitely known for the use of divination techniques and tools, such as Tarot for example which is one of the more popular forms of divination used. However, there are many types of divination that some witches (not all) explore as part of their ongoing practices.

It should be mentioned that it is not expected that in order to be a witch that one would need to know all or one or any of the many divination techniques, as some seem to believe. Simply doing divination does not make someone a witch.

It is in hopes that this has helped to consider ways in which to improve your divination practices.

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