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Magickal rings

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"Why do you wear so many rings?"

Thank you for watching the videos, as mentioned at: and thank you also for submitting this question. As mentioned along with the submitted question, many male witches tend to wear large or many rings on their fingers. There could be many reasons for this to each's unique practice. And so, I can only speak from my own perspective.

It is true, I do wear many rings. It Is my understanding that this is not exclusive to male witches. And, that witches in general seem to wear many rings on their fingers.

In my tradition, each finger represents a different intention in which rings can be worn to symbolize. It traces back in my practice to when I learned to do divination by palmistry. By studying the lines, curves, markings, valleys and mounts of each of the hands can one receive messages of the past, present, and future on a wide range of life's experiences. This was also the first divination I was inspired to learn by some in my extended family. Along with learning about the lines and design of palms I also appriciate how fingers can represent their own qualities. For example, there is an associative and historic reason that a wedding ring is worn on the specific finger on the left hand to stand for a symbol of love and prosperity.

It is my understanding that long ago there was a fundamental beleif that a vein went through the body from the heart down the left arm and to the 'ring' finger, such is why it was once s symbol of love. However, this finger in palmistry is representative of prosperity. Gold if symbolic for protection. And so, the main reason most wear a gold band as a wedding ring is to symbolisms protecting your prosperity for the one that you love.

If you think of the strategy of tying a string on one of your fingers in order to not forget something you want to remember within a certain time range, seeing the string helps to jog the memory. "What was it that I was supposed to remember? Oh yeah, not to forget..." - whatever the string is supposed to symbolize. By having a string occasionally appear in view throughout there is an occasional reminder not to forget something. In which, one hopes to then remember when the time comes. This was also a function of a ring. Thinking back to the wedding ring example, it is not only a sign to others that an individual is "taken", or "not on the market" in the dating world, so-to-speak. It is also a reminder to the individual wearer to respect the bond of the relationship that the ring represents.

Each finger is defined by a different representation: the thumb represents satisfaction; the pointer finger represents direction; the middle finger represents eternity; the ring finger represents prosperity; and the little finger represents travel.

Each hand is defined: by our past experiences (the non-main hand) and the future experiences (the main hand).

Each ring is consecrated, charged and enchanted within ceremonial magick with a specific intention for a purpose of self soul development. This is a form of High Magick. More information about the difference between high magick and low magick and neutral magick can be read in this previous blog entry: Types of Magick.

So, coming back to the submitted question, I personally wear many rings as representations to different intentions that I set, which are associated with the meanings of the different fingers upon which the rings are worn. Each ring also adds is own uniqueness to the intention. By wearing the enchanted rings in this way thereafter, my subconscious and conscious mind are always reminded of my intentions set in order to developed myself further in the ways ritually intended upon on a spiritual level.

It is in hopes that this makes sense. Please feel free to let me know if I can clarify further, or if there are any other questions, at

Bright blessings✨

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