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Practitioners for hire

Updated: Feb 16

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"Do you have any advice or suggestions as to what I should look out for when hiring someone?"

With the number of magicians for entertainment available in person, or fraudulent practitioners and scammers online these days, I very much appriciated this question!!! Thank you for submitting it.

In this blog, I'm not referring to magicians for hire, or those who do "magic" for for stage tricks or entertainment. I'm referring to "magick" done for intented manifestation. If helpful, the difference has been explained in this previous blog entry: My perspective of magick.

The very first advice that I like to share in this area of exploring magick is always to consider to do your own spellwork for yourself. The more personally satisfying a spell is to the caster, the more powerful, the more likely to manifest. Spells are empowered by intention and that intuition is raised by the associations created within the working. No one knows your own associations better than you.

However, were time and knowledge may restraint, witches are sometimes hired for their particular skillsets.

It's worth mentioning that most wiccans consider their practice a call to service and therefore would not usually collect fee nor charge compensation for assistance in magick. But, not all witches are Wiccan.

There are a few main reasons off the top of my head why a magickal practitioner may be hired (for a fee):

  • Some magickal practitioners offer psychic readings with the use of a divination tool, such as a bone oracle, or a tarot deck, etc. and so, the time and effort that it takes often has a fee.

  • Others may offer to perform spellworkings on behalf of a payer who covers any expenses involved according to the ingredients and time to complete.

  • Or, to perform ritual or lead group through ceremony. Such as a Hand Fasting ceremony, or a Wittan naming, etc.

  • And, perhaps there's more that I'm just not thinking of at the moment. Please feel free to add more ideas in the comments ;)

Experience is everything!!

In consideration to exploring witches for hire, here are some "red flags" to watch for if seriously considering to hire another witch or magickal practitioner:

  • First, you need to be comfortable with the practitioner for hire, that they seem relateable, trustworthy and knowledgeable in what you're asking them to do for you.

  • It should be considered a red flag if someone avoids answering questions about themselves, who they are, their qualifications, or anything that you'd be interested to know about them beforehand. A good practitioner should be open and honest. Someone who isn't empathetic or caring may not have your best interest at heart.

  • You could say the same as above for someone who is not going to be objective in their workings. You don't want to work with someone who doesn't agree with you, is rude to you, interferes with their own personal opinions, or isn't open and honest about their findings.

  • If there isn't a lot of history available or information about their background, website, testimonials, reviews, etc. then, they may not be as experienced as they may appear. Or, they may not in fact be upfront with who they are... Be sure the practitioner is known for their workings.

  • Another red flag telling you to choose someone else is if wording starts to be used involving "cursed", "hexed", or "jinxed", etc. Unless you yourself originally feel under some negative influence and that's what you're seeking assistance with from the practitioner, there's really no reason to bring it up otherwise.

  • If the practitioner's fee is not upfront, or the payment system seems confusing, or is left open for interpretation, or there seem to be hidden/added fees throughout, or if the workings of sessions seem to be money focused, ...t

Do you have other stipulations to consider when/if allowing another to do spellwork on your behalf? Please feel free to share in the comments!

Take time to analyze for yourself why exactly you need someone else to do the spell workings for you. Is it because of confidence in your self, or purhaps you're still in a "broom closet" so-to-speak, (more about that is available in this orbits blog entry: Out of the broomcloset), or maybe you just feel like you don't have the exact skill or energy to complete it... this previous blog entry in shadow work may study be helpful: The importance of Shadow Work.

Either way, to make the choice to hire another practitioners is yours, and yours to make alone. No one should judging or being critical to you, etc. about that decision.

Always follow your instincts, and trust your intuition.

It is in hopes that this short blog entry is helpful. If I can elaborate on anything here, or for any other questions, please let me know at

Blessed be.

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