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Meet a friend Aurora Moon

Updated: Mar 18

Submitted question covered in this blog/video:

"Do you have in person witch friends?"

Thank you for submitting this question in relation to my previous blog entry:

Yes, i have met other witches in person, and I do have an in person friend who is a witch. However, I didn't always. I started meeting others by getting involved with online communities and eventually met some that lived in my area. We've since slowly gotten to know eachother.

One of my friends, Aurora Moon is also a grey witch. I thought it may be fun to interview my friend with some of the submitted questions that I've been asked on my website and for her to answer some of your questions from her own perspective.

Aurora choose these five from all of the submitted questions asked at so far:

How did you become a witch?
Do I use purchased tools to start witchcraft?
Can you describe what shadow work looks like in your practice?
Do you make money from doing spells?
In your opinion, are oujia boards dangerous?

Please watch the video included above for her answers to these questions.

Thank you so much Aurora Moon for allowing me to do this short interview and for sharing your own perspectives as a fellow grey witch.

If you have questions you would like to submit, please feel free to do so at

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