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Clearing negativity

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"Is there a way to stop feeling drained or feeling negativity from shadow people figures?"

Thank you for this question which is greatly appreciated. Because, it is very relatable. Many have explained to me an experience of having the feeling of the presence of what some would call Shadow People.  

There is a previous blog post at that mentions more about this at: Shadow figure experiences. 

If you are getting amounts of negativity around you during what feels like presences, then it would be my suggestion for you to cleanse and create protections around you and your home to help ward off some of that negativity mentioned.  There is also a previous blog post regarding protections at: in case helpful.  Please feel free to ask about any of the protection methods listed in that blog entry, or if I can elaborate further on one that you can relate with, I will. 

There are different ways to cleanse your self and your home depending on your practice and the available tools within your reach.  The simplest way to cleanse your space from a presence is with noise. Simply verbally asking a presence to leave can work. When that doesn't seem like enough, one can easily make louder noise by literally banging two metal pots or pans together and shout to any negativity or presences to leave at once.  A bell, gong, chimes or singing bowl, etc. is more calming way to attempt it and often suffices. Many opt for burning sage or other herbs generally starting at the front door, moving counter-clockwise through the home one room at a time purifying the space via the smoke with intention to remove any negativity or unwanted presences. 

The most common way to cleanse yourself is with smoke. There is a previous blog/video about smoke cleansing at: However, I've also used sound, crystals, wands, potion spritz, or by throwing black salt in the corners of rooms, etc.

  Do what makes you and your space feel satisfying, calming and neutralized.

Cleansing should also prevent the energy drain feeling which should allow you to rest and recover to restore your energy back to where it should be.  Negative feeling shadow figures can be drawn to already existing negativity. And so, be sure to work out any possible negative energetic connections you may have within yourself. If so, you may want to attempt a cord cutting ritual to 'sever' the ties with such negativity that may already exist.  Shadow Work can be effective for this, in my opinion: there are also example journaling exercises available that may help draw out from within any negativity that may need to be worked through. 

It really does depend on what resonates with you most. Setting up protections boost our confidence which then empowers our free will.  Always do what feels right to you in your own practice.  What makes you feel most confident?

It is in hopes that this is helpful or perhaps inspired you in a helpful way.  Please don't hesitate to reach out again.  Questions are always welcome at

Many blessings,

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