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Aspectual demonic pacts

Updated: May 19, 2023

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"How do you null a blood pact with a demon?"

Thank you for your submitted messages on the website.  My response to your question really is dependent on the ritual, traditions, customs involved.  Any deity work, (including demons) is usually based on a built upon relationship with that archetyptal aspect of human nature.  And so, my advice would be to determine what your own intentions are more clearly in working with such forces.  Shadow work may be able to help with this inner realization and clarity. 

As a kind of Secular Seax Wiccan myself and Grey Witch it is my perspective that it is the aspects of our own human nature in which we interact with, within demon devotion and deity worship.

More would need to be known about the type of 'blood pact' that you described between you and your relative that you mentioned which happened 20 years ago (as described in the original message).  For example, there are different kinds of blood pact spells that I can think of off the top of my head.  

  • Such as a blood pact between two individuals that acts as a connection with a commonality of trust in the relationship amongst.  

  • Or, such as an agreement blood pact to fulfill a particular goal or accomplishment together.  

  • And then, there are the blood pacts that are similar to a devotion ritual. 

If the type of pact made was the latter of the three types mentioned above, then, the goal of the pact would need to be fulfilled. It is also always your fundamental right and free will to change your devotion by re-negotiating the terms of the pact made.  In such a case, all involved with the pact would need to be in agreement to the re-negotiation and creation of the new terms. One thing that i've learned from other witches who work with demons is that there is always a price that accompanies any requests. It has become clear to me that witches should not be vague with the terms of agreement when binding themselves to any pact.  Especially with a demon, as any existing loopholes will be exploited.  So, if you decide to work with demons in your personal practice, go forth with caution. 

  • Image of an evil eye pentant typically used for protection.

Demons are described differently in different cultures and traditions. So, this would also depend on your practice. Some even believe that some fae are demonic entities in their own rite from another realm.  This previous blog entry mentions a submitted question regarding a type of deity that is typically referred to as a demon in the other cultures mentioned: as example, in case helpful.

In working with summoned demonic aspectual forces, it is particularly important to create layers of protection for yourself, and others involved.  Some particular areas to attend to would be external spiritual protections, internal psychic protections, and other personal protections. Some ideas may be inspired by this other more popular blog entry: in case helpful as well :) 

The last thing I feel is important to mention is that I am aware that if unable to acheive, complete or fulfill the goal of a demonic pact there can be unforeseen consequences.  This can also leave a witch to be viewed as unreliable, untrust worthy, or tainted to the specific Pantheon, and the witch is seemingly viewed by demons as damaged goods.  In this case,  the witch who promised results may lose any obtained gifts or abilities that have been bestowed to the witch as leverage in the initial agreement, and may find themselves unable to continue devotion.

That being said, it's worth reiterating: if you decide to work with demons in your personal practice, go forth with caution

It is in hopes that this response has provided some direction or inspiration.  Please feel free to submit any other questions that you may have to - thanks for reading my blog!!!

Blessed be.

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