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Working with Deities

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"what type of witch can summon a kitsune for me"

It is my understanding that a "Kitsune" comes from ancient Japanese culture as a form of deity worship. 

In Japanese folklore, a Kitsune is a type of spiritual fox entity with paranormal abilities such as shape-shifting into other creatures, even humans.  It is often depicted as a mischievious fox with several tails. The more tails present - the wiser and more powerful the Kitsune. 

The above is familiar to me due to the fact that my daughter co-oincidentally studies Japanese culture and so she was able to fill me in further about a Kitsune.

Thank you for submitting this question. Even though your question involves a practice different from my own, It is still very much appriciated because I can share some info on this topic.  I also thought it may be helpful for me to describe basically how I work with my own deities within my own practice.  

Deity worship in my own practice as a Seax Wiccan involves connecting with the different aspects of human nature. Each aspect is represented by specific related personas. In my case, this would include such personas as Woden (creativity and magick), Freya (tough love and romance), Thunor (strength and bravery), Saturn (business, money, and finances), or Ty (patience, hardship and sacrifice), etc. These deities mentioned are based on Anglo Saxon traditions.   The interactive responses from these representations of each diety is based on synchronousities that can be noticed throughout my life from day-to-day interactions of my surroundings.

If you resonate with, I don't think it's wrong to explore the different pantheons of Goddesses and Gods, etc. Working with deities involves building a relationship with as working with developing a part of ourselves. Most deities have archetypal representation to different aspects of our own human nature. To work with a specific deity, decide what are you hoping to acheive within yourself? ...and then, decide which deity's portraited charector, history and lessons connect most with what you hope to acheive.

No matter what deity you are attempting to create a relationship with, from any culture or traditions, working with the personifications that is associated with or represented by each will draw that particular deity to you from within.

A popular way to connect with deities is to create an alter in honour to them. An alter can be designated in honour of any specific deity that you're hoping to connect with.  Offerings can be laid on the alter as a form of respect and acknowledgement specifocally to them.

In respect to the submitted question, paying honourage to a Kitsune by perhaps leaving food on an outdoor alter.  The alter can include anything that you feel that a fox (out of respect for a Kitsune) would appriciate. If honoring another entity, you would choose items or objects that reflect that entity. Trust your intuition and follow your instincts when choosing how you would like to honour your deity.  Do some research on the deity you want to work with (or Kitsune) to connect with and find objects and materials that coincide with the personality and charector traits specified.  Create your own relationship with that deity and invite them into your life as necessary.

If further interested in more details regarding working with a Kitsune specifically, it may be helpful for you to reach out to one of two types of witches: 

Kitsune-tsukai who works with a fox familiar.


Kitsune-mochi who works with the fox spirit.  

These are both considered Japanese fox witches that would know much more about interacting with a Kitsune than I. 

In my experience, spirits have presented themselves to me in the form of an animal in several occasions through the synchronous ties of the situation at the time. For example, Cardinals singing at just the right moments after memory of a loved one who's passed. Or similar with mourning doves when sad... Etc. Personally, I've also asked myself within for assistance from time to time. For example, I once felt lost and so, I drew from my human aspect of wisdom and creativity for direction to then suddenly and unexpectedly seem to be guided by two large black birds. Crows who seemed to know the way. For me, it felt so much more than coincidental that I found my way again by following my instincts to go in the direction that the birds flew. Because, it felt right to do at the time.

There are many witches that I've heard explain from their experience that often a deity will allow their presence to be known by just feeling them around in support of what ever is happening at the time. For example, when strength seems to just come out of no where. For me, when I need it, and when I feel that support I find a way to show my thanks to that aspect of myself. My best spells are the ones were I invoke my creativity and wisdom and during the working I'm unexpectedly learning to do it a whole new way than I hadn't thought of prior. I totally understand everyone's desire to want to work with deities or other entities. It is my personal opinion that goddesses and gods are representations of the aspects of our own human nature, and can be represented by deities as architypes.

The key to doing any energy work, that I've learned, is knowing yourself well enough to be able to recognize your own aspects of human nature and separate them out into symbolic representations of that energy. and the difference to the presence of another's energy, and sensing what's around us. If you can do this, and acknowledge their association with human nature, then I can almost guarantee that you will receive results.

It is in hopes that this has provided some sort of clarity or direction for you in your journey.   

If there are any other questions related to witchcraft, or Wicca please don't hesitate to submit it at 


A more recent blog entry has been written expanding in this topic at: Deity suggestions and advice

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