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Deity suggestions and advice

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"How would I summon or call to a deity?"

There are many views, from Wiccans and Witches, of the gods and goddesses. It should be mentioned that there is no wrong way to honour and show respect to a deity. Or, which deity, etc.

What works for you, works.

But first, what is a deity? Most witches will agree in that there are devine omniscience energies in which one can receive wisdom and knowledge. In order to connect with this energetic existence, it is common to attempt to relate to it by assigning it a human form representing what we want to learn or gain. Different deities are often symbolized by different aspects of human nature. This is referred to as a Deity. For example, A Goddess or God would act as a representation to the specific qualities one wishes to develope or enhance within themselves.

As mentioned in this previous blog entry working with deities:

Deity worship in my own practice as a Seax Wiccan involves connecting with the different aspects of human nature. Each aspect is represented by specific related personas. In my case, this would include such personas as Woden (creativity and magick), Freya (tough love and romance), Thunor (strength and bravery), Saturn (business, money, and finances), or Ty (patience, hardship and sacrifice), etc. These deities mentioned are based on Anglo Saxon traditions.   The interactive responses from these representations of each diety is based on synchronousities that can be noticed throughout my life from day-to-day interactions of my surroundings.
If you resonate with, I don't think it's wrong to explore the different pantheons of Goddesses and Gods, etc. Working with deities involves building a relationship with as working with developing a part of ourselves. Most deities have archetypal representation to different aspects of our own human nature. To work with a specific deity, decide what are you hoping to acheive within yourself? ...and then, decide which deity's portraited charector, history and lessons connect most with what you hope to acheive.
No matter what deity you are attempting to create a relationship with, from any culture or traditions, working with the personifications that is associated with or represented by each will draw that particular deity to you from within.
A popular way to connect with deities is to create an alter in honour to them. An alter can be designated in honour of any specific deity that you're hoping to connect with.  Offerings can be laid on the alter as a form of respect and acknowledgement specifocally to them.

Think of it as building a relationship with that specific aspect of human nature that is being represented.

In choosing which deity is right for you to work with, first decide which aspect of your own human nature that it is you wish to enhance or develope for yourself personally. Then, research a representative to symbolize the aspects within you. The more you can relate to the mythology and background of a specific god or goddess the more impact it will have on your practice. My suggestion would be to compare it to inviting a stranger into your home. How well do you know the entity you'll be working with?

Be sure that the reason for doing so goes hand and hand with the summoned forces and that a relationship with such has been established before requesting (or demanding) assistance from, depending on the aspect of evocation (Deity/Demon/Spirit, etc.).

In my experience, I've spoken with many pactitioners who 'think' they know who they are evoking or invoking until they do and realize the entity their trying to work with is not like what was seemed or what they thought would be like... turning their workings in directions the witches did not anticipate due to not building a strong relationship with enough beforehand. You wouldn't invite a stranger into your home. So, be sure to get to know who you are inviting into your practice to with with you in the craft.

Offerings can be presented to deity to show honour, respect and gratitude. Take the time to learn about the deity you're going to be working with, so that you can figure out what is a good idea for an offering. Different types of goddesses and gods have different expectations that you should consider when being an offering.

Some offering examples:

Ancestors - Any herbs, foods or drinks from your family table in which the spirits enjoyed while living.

Prosperity and abundance - grain, dairy or eggs, milk, beer or wine, mint, catnip, etc.

Love and Passion - eggs, honey, apples, wine, fruit juice, lavender, sandlewood, etc.

Nature/Garden - bread, cornmeal, fruit, berries, milk, water, bay leaf, etc.

Heath and home - grains, cooking oils, salt, cider, milk, rosemary, thyme, etc.

And, so on... What resonates with the goal or diety that you work with? As you may have noticed, basic items such as milk, bread or wine are nearly always appropriate. 😉

Thank you so much for submitting this question! And also, for reading my blog. It is in hopes that your visit to my website has been helpful.

As always, questions are welcome at

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