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What kind of religion it really is

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"...quit lieing to the world and tell the world what kind of religon you guys really are..."

Although this is more of a hate filled rant submission rather than a particular question, I felt it necessary to share here with everyone as example of the misconceptions that continue to exist. These misunderstandings continue to be spread by some people through messages of hate, usually driven by fear.

Wicca is a nature based pagan polytheistic belief system that worships nature often personified as feminine and masculine aspects of nature and can be symbolized by archetypal representations, usually in the form of deities. It is a earth-centered religion and is often also referred to as, "The Craft".

As outlined as well in these previous blog entries, there are many misconceptions and misunderstandings about witchcraft:

Hollywood Misconceptions.

Misunderstandings that continue to exist.

Fear is often driven by the unknown, or misunderstanding. It is definately an intense and unpleasant emotion in response to what is perceived or recognized as a threat or danger. Fear causes psychological changes that can produce behavioral reactions such as becoming aggressive, responding with violence, or attempting to escape by fleeing. The four general responses to fear may include Fight, Flight, Freeze, or Fawn.

The main sources of fear tend to include (but not exclusive to):

  • Fear of death (at any age)

  • Fear of growing old or becoming frail

  • Fear of ill health (mental or physical)

  • Fear of love loss or relationship hardship

  • Fear of criticism or banishment

  • Fear of poverty or status

Some considerations when analyzing personal fears could be:

  1. Why is this so upsetting to me?

  2. What am I afraid will happen next?

  3. What am I afraid that I will lose, miss or be lost?

It would appear to me that the individual whom submitted this particular message explains that they may feel lost themselves, or that they are/have been hurt by or attacked by a magickal practitioner of some kind, and that perception has caused fear of being helpless or perhaps anger has compelled them to attack me on my website. I can only speculate.

Here is the full submitted message for reference:

"witches are witchdoctors and witches are not a innocent religon there a satanic cult that sacrifices people and animals and have zero remorse while they do it quit lieing to the world and tell the world what kind of religon you guys really are my lifes taken over by witches im being attaccked constantly by you f#@$ers witches are evil possessed f#@$ers that are more eviler than 100 serial killers you guys are mass murder criminals trying to cover your ass caklung yourselfs just another religon well you already know where your heading and its in the bible and it aint heaven god hates witchdoctors and it doesnt matter how hard you witches repent to god the evil youve done is permanent and unforgivable to god and will send you witchdoctors to hell for eternity"

Let's debunk some of the accusations from the above message:

  • The term 'witchdoctors' actually originally is a type of healer who treats ailments believed to be caused by witchcraft, not the cause of witchcraft itself.

  • Satanic traditions come from traditions aside from Witchcraft and Wicca (there is no devil in the religions that respect witchcraft)

  • Wiccan based witchcraft does not involve animal or human sacrifice of any kind.

  • Most witches live by a strict rule of, "If it harm none, do what ye will".

  • Many witches believe in the "Law of III" which acts as a mora compass to only do good, and that whatever you do in life comes back to you three times fold (good or bad).

  • The Bible is from Catholic religion origins and does not have involvement with Wicca or witchcraft. Although the bible does consist of positive stories involving witchcraft and magick, the practice is generally frowned upon by Catholics alike.

  • A witchcraft spell is considered similar in rite to a catholic prayer.

  • Many catholic traditions where shaped from pagan culture as an attempt to convert people of other nature based religions into the catholic faith.

  • Some witches work with deities rather then an almighty supreme supernatural being that many refer to as 'God'. Many pagans believe in a all grand and mighty spirit however don't give it much attention since it does not interact.

An interesting observation that I would like to note is that this individual has visited my site and seems to have read at least one or some of the blogs available. I find it interesting that someone who does not agree so strongly with the practice of witchcraft would find themselves exploring a support platform for witches.

With many similarities between witchcraft and Catholicism (as also mentioned in this popular previous blog entry, Catholic Witches), it often surprises me the conflicting perspectives and aggressive overtones that manifest from interactions between these groups of people. We are all people; we are all human. Witches are just wise to natural ways of working with nature.

I wish this individual well in their own unique journey in life and hope that they find happiness and sound mental health that they so deserve as a fellow human being.

Many bright blessings.

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