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Movie misunderstandings that continue to exist

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Some of the mislead questions collected over a period of time covered in this blog:

"Can you fly like witches do in movies?"

"Isn't magic only for fantasy of children?"

"Do you know a spell to change me to look like someone else?"

"...only gay men are male witches..."

"Are you a feminine guy, since your a witch?"

"Will you allow lord Jesus Christ be save you from your demonic evil self?"

"Is there a spell that will fix everything bad in my life?"

"Is witchcraft connected to the devil?"

"Can I redesign your website?"

Continued from my previous blog post: Hollywood misconceptions. My website is open to the public and finale in search engines online. And so, over the past year more questions have been recieved that I did not feel quite right to individually blog about, which some of which are listed above or in the blog entry mentioned above.

Again, i did not create a blog entry for each of these questions. However, i did respond in email to each sender referring them to previously submitted blog entries in order to provide them with the information that I thought may be most helpful. Over time, I've thought I should at least write another mini-rant again about some if these further submissions with interesting perspectives as well. 🙂

He-he - some of these misconceptions make me laugh!!!

Flying witches:

As already mentioned in the previous blog entry linked above, that witches don't actually levitate or fly on brooms as this is a widely beleive misconception. And, continues to be misunderstood to this day. Yet, still represented if witches in modern movies and stories.

Only for children:

Absolutely not!!! Magick (spelled with a 'k') is for anyone of any age, as energy and energetic influences exists within and around all of us all of the time. Magic (spelled without the 'k') are clever tricks meant to entertain all ages - not just for children either.

Fix all / Do-it-all spells:

There are still many huge misunderstandings thanks to popular story books and movies that magick involves simply snapping one's fingers with little effort to accomplish complicated outcomes. Or, that simple spells can change physics. This just isn't realistic! Sometimes the manifestation can open the door that leads you to the path where you have to pit in all the hard work to obtain the goal. Nothing is just given to you without effort, cause or effect. As the saying goes, "Everything has a cost".

Feminine / only women:

The term "witch" is multi-gender and does not refer more to feminine people nor female only. But, all and any one can be a witch. Witch means "the wise" and so witchcraft is the craft of the wise. Man or woman or non-binary, etc. It's really all about intention and what type of practice works best for you.

The devil:

Any devil related questions are/can be referred to this previous blog post: in which the question, "Did you sell your soul to become a witch" was responded to in that blog entry.

Jesus Christ:

No matter which deities or gods or goddesses you worship in your own practice, or religion, does not mean that others are wrong to have honoured and worshipped different from your own. We all can personally resonate differently depending on our life experiences, cultures, backgrounds, etc. And, that's ok!!! Personally, as a secular practitioner myself, only the aspects of my inner self guide me as a witch.

Redesign of website:

The last question included is one that is not related to witchcraft. 😆 However, that I do receive often from various "programmers" (probably scammers themselves). Which i honestly just treat as SPAM messages and are not responded to. I thought I'd mention that I received them anyways 😉

All other questions received (so far) have been responded to with a blog entry at:

If anyone does have any suggestions for the website, videos it blog please feel free to make suggestions to and i will consider.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my little rant style blog entry. It is so very much appriciated to receive serious feedback, questions or comments relevant to witchcraft at

Blessed be.

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