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Crystals in the craft

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"How can crystals be used in witchcraft?"

Thank you for this question as there are many ways in which crystals can be used along with intention to manifest a desired outcome.

Crystals carry energy and give off vibrations unique to each type of stone. These unique energy signatures influence us to synchronise our own vibration to the stone. For example, bring encouragement to heal. Or, feeling the grounding qualities of a crystal when holding it in your hands. Or, feeling empowered by the qualities of certain crystals, etc.

Witches work with energetic influences through spell work. Therefore, certain crystals can be an allie within magickal workings related to the associated properties of the stone.

Each crystal contains a microstructure arrangement of particals often referred to as a lattice design. It is this design that allows crystals to carry the electromagnetic energy flowing in and out of them tuning their vibrational frequencies.

Witches are able to use these energies as associations of intention within their magick. Crystals can also aid in workings by enhancing intention of the practitioner. For example, the use of rose quartz in a love spell. Or, having Amethyst on the desk while being creative, or coming up with new ideas, etc. Or, using pyrite to symbolize wealth and prosperity, etc. and so on.

There are also many examples of the properties of crystals being taken advantage of in modern technology. For example, Silicon microchips in computers, or quartz crystals used in radios to stabilize radiowave frequancies, and in watches for more accurate precision of time, etc. And, so many more!

Certain crystals can enhance the properties of some other crystals which can be taken advantage of in spellwork, or by creating crystal grids or body layouts. Certain crystals can be used for healing, or dreamwork, or can assist with shadow work, or psychic abilities, or mediumship, etc.

There are many ways in which one can work with stones and crystals to take advantage of their energetic resonance. A few examples are:

Place around your home or worksplace to encourage a specific energetic influence

Carrying with you, in your pocket or wear as jewelry to help yourself be influenced by the stones' properties

Use as a symbolic reference to your intention within spell work

Sit with a specifc crystal that you are drawn to, and analyze it's look, how it feels, what it says to you, etc.

Scry the reflective serface of a crystal or crystal ball to encourage focus and revelation of inner messages from deep within.

Meditate with a certain crystal to encourage a specific goal, such as healing, or working through past traumas, etc.

Use to mark the cardinal directions within a magickal circle

Some crystals can even be implemented into spellwork as a power source, literally powering a spell like a battery.

Charge a crystal with your energetic intention. Some refer to this as 'crystal memory'.

Or, however you feel you should express for yourself the energy felt and connections created from crystals.

It is always my suggestion to not mix crystals with water as some types of crystals can break down in moisture, become damaged or even become toxic when wet. I always advise doing your research and getting to know each of the crystals that you are working with before attempting spellwork with them.

Some of the different crystal types that I've worked with in my practice (not limited to) are:



Aurora Aura Quartz

Black Quartz (witches wand)


Blue Calcite




Clear Quartz




Magnifier Quartz


Moon stone




Petrified wood



Rose Quartz


Shaman stones

Smokey Quartz

Sun Stone

Tiger's eye

Thank you so much for reading my blog. It is in hopes that it inspires you as you continue down your own path of enlightenment, self growth and spiritual development.

Questions are always welcome at

Blessings to all.

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