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Secular Wicca

Updated: May 24, 2023

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"Does Wicca have to involve a Goddess and/or God?"

This question is so very much appreciated, as it touches closely on my own personal practices in Wicca.

For example, although following a Seax Wiccan structured tradition, I work with representations of different interior parts of myself, and not external supernatural supreme beings, or creators. This essentially makes me a secular practitioner. I, myself, am a sort of Humanist Wiccan.

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There are many Wiccan practitioners that believe a non-theistic approach to Wicca is not a proper Wiccan way. Afterall, From the first Gardnerian version of Wicca, to most branches of Wicca that followed are mainly viewed as a religious practice usually involving a Goddess and/or God.

More about Wiccae can be read in this previous blog entry: Wicca in more detail. Find the right path that resonates with you.

As a practitioner, who follows the Wiccan Rede, respects the Law of III, celebrates the wheel and was initiated into the practices and rituals of an Anglo Saxon tradition, I am a devotee to certain feminine and masculine aspects of human nature.

The ways in which I work with the aspects of my inner self are similar to, if not the same as, how many practitioners explain how they work with deities, and their experiences of doing so. With the similarities between my own self 'pantheon' so-to-speak represented within the Anglo Saxon traditions of the New Moon Sacred Meadow Circle, i was/am accepted as a Gesith Seax Wiccan Initiate.

There are always representations on my working alter of a feminine aspect and a masculin aspect (that I resonate with either from nature, or from within myself). I give offerings in attempt to connect with the specific aspects I desire to work with and I also show thanks to the aspects I feel I've connected with or enlightened.

Synchronoustic messages come from within my deep subconscious psyche as symbols and references stand out to me. From my own perspective, this can be viewed as guidance in the same ways as it would from a deity, an angel, a guide, etc. ...from an aspect of my own human nature.

Then, who is to say that I should not identify as a Wiccan?

Here is the confusion: 

Although, my invocations are the same, and carried out accordingly, contradictory to many Wiccan beliefs, in my opinion, the deities do not exist as external all powerful supernatural beings. Most Wiccans pay honourage and tribute to deities. For me, Goddesses and Gods can be symbolic representations for different aspects of the different 'pieces to the puzzle' of my own inner self. Each specific deity acts as an archetype that can be focused to draw out from within the desired human qualities or abilities. It is a way for us to analyse, come to terms with, and utilize specific charectoristics that may already exist deep within our instincts and subconscious, or that we desire to improve upon.

These qualities come from simply being human and it is my belief that one day science will eventually be able to explain further about intuition, emotion, and consciousness, leading to a much clearer understanding of energy work, divinity, manifestation, etc.

In my personal view, the fundamental structure of Wicca is self empowerment.

Thank you to whom submitted this question. Please note that the above is written from my own perspectives and is not meant to persuade, influence or represent others.

Always trust what feels right to you in your own unique magickal practice.

Many blessings.

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