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Under-representation of male witches

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"Is witchcraft an under-represented subculture?"

In my opinion, yes. Even though witchcraft is becoming more understood by so many, shared lots online and with Wicca a fast growing religion. It is very under-represented and very misunderstood because of it.

However, even though many covens and independent practitioners practice in secret, there is an even more of a massive under-representation amongst witches... Males. I see this online and in other media even though we're everywhere. Male witches exist! And yet, witchcraft is still viewed as a female dominating subject.  Due to this, many male witches don't make themselves known as witches, or don't identify as witches even though they are in fact doing witchcraft, or identify differently, such as Warlocks, Wizards, or Magicians, etc.

As you may already know, witches in general still face stereotyping and discrimination basically from just being who we are. Canadians have a reputation of being overly polite, honest, and respectful. etc.  And so, this can be so highly misunderstood as a Canadian Grey Witch myself.

This is an under-represented type of witch that many don't talk about. Those who find balance by learning to work with energies of all kinds. Both positive and negative, both light and dark, healings and curses, etc. We work in the "grey" areas, so to speak. ... Hense identifying as "grey" witches. 

This does not mean, however, that grey witches are 'bad', or 'evil', eh? As some sometimes suggest. I believe this stereotyping is the main reason the grey witch is under represented. Out of not wanting to be stereotyped as the typical evil witches of Hollywood.

More information about the Homewood stereotypes forced in witches can be found in a previous blog entry:  

Grey witches are under-represented because they face alot of criticism, stereotyping, and are actually excellent at assisting others (witches or non witches) with challenging situations, by knowing how to manifest to nutralize energies.  For example, creating a positive outcome from a very negative situation.  Or, another example as bringing down or toning down another's infatuation. Etc.

It's an energetic turn of the table, so to speak. 

As someone who has eventually made a living from within my own witchcraft practices, living in Guelph Ontario Canada, i have faced many stereotypes from the community, local and abroad (online) projected onto me.  Where I draw this attention is partly due to the fact that I operate and like to spread the word of two websites: 

To help break common stereotypes about witches, i created this site where I answer questions asked to be directly, either from my website or from online social communities. 

Helping to provide for my family living, i also created another site where I teach and do workings, castings and multiple forms of readings, including a variety of tarot for a fee.  

By simply advertising my tarot business, I have been heckled, or recieved attempts to insult, etc. by some who have come across one of my online offers and just did not agree with what I'm doing or how I identify myself. There has even been one person whom I've never even met tried to tell me tarot readings in general were a scam... absolutely not!!! I have several 5 star testimonial postings listed at: I believe that the above happens due to the lack of learning and misunderstanding because of under representation in the community and beyond.

There ARE pockets of those who do understand in the general public. Some of those who are accepting, or find and read my blog, or give positive feedback or consideration or book my services. I'm very grateful and feel blessed to be able to share that part of myself and my spirituality to help others in such an impactful way.

Thank you so much for this question. And, for reading my blog allowing me to share my perspective. If there are any other questions or would like to share your own opinions with me, please feel free to submit them at

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