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Crossroads and the veil

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"Is a 'crossroads witch' the same or similar to a 'grey witch'?"

What a great question! Thank you to whom submitted it. In my opinion these two practices are not the same. However, do tend to intertwine together beautifully.

First off all, a crossroads witch is someone who's practice in the craft revolves around the back and forth processes between life and death and vice versa. It's often referred to as a cross roads as symbolically a way in which crossing over to the other side of whatever awaits us after life has extinguished, and as well as crossing back in the process of being reborn. The crossroads of "the veil" between life and death. Traffic intersections are often viewed as symbolic crossroads as there are more fatal accidents at busy interections than most other roads, lane ways, streets. Etc. with more points of entry.

"The veil" is a term to describe the boundary that exists between the living and the dead. When witches use the expression, "peeking through the veil" it means gaining insight through and from the other side of that boundary. Another ten that is often used to describe this boundary is "a hedge". The fall time of year is considered when this viel or hedge appears the thinnest due to the fact of the amount of death occurring reach fall season. Symbolically speaking, piering through the branches of the hedge to get an impression of what is on the other side. Essencially, this is another way to describe achieving a form of spirit communication. This is why it is sometimes referred to as hedge-witchcraft. I beleive that Hedge witchcraft and crossroads witchcraft are pretty much the same thing.

Quite often a hedge witch or crossroads witch can assist others by interpreting spiritual interactions of the ancestors and loved ones of others.

A grey witch is someone who finds balance in their practice, looking at all sides of magick and finding a neutral, centre point or mid grey area to become comfortable working in. When finding the balance of life, grey practitioners often dabble in death magick. To find the positive in death, there can be an outreach or support to live. And, vice versa. The grey area of life and death often means workong close to the veil, as described above. More about that can be found in this previous blog entry: Different reasons of the craft.

These perspectives can compliment eachother into one grounded and solid practice and often involves the worship of similar deities. However, even though can blend nicely, each has its own realm of witchcraft.

It is in hopes that this makes sense and has been clear. If I can clarify or expand on anything written advice, please do not hesitate to let me know. Other questions can also be sent to

Thank you for reading my blog and visiting my website!

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