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Know when to be silent

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"What is and not supposed to be discussed with other witches?"

Thank you so much for submitting this question as it is interesting, and very true, that there are certain things in which a witch tends to keep to themselves - even from other witches! And, there could be many different reasons for this.

First, practices in witchcraft are extremely personal. As mentioned in this previous blog entry: What type of witch are you? The more personally satisfying a spell is to to the practitioner the more likely manifestation will occur. The more we associate with and resonate with the workings, the more truely we connect with our inner desire and intentions to have that desire fulfilled. Since we all have our own unique experiences and associations in life, etc. It can sometimes be difficult to understand another witch's incantation of a spell, expectation of ritual, components of workings, and other processes of their magick.

Secondly, making all of your personal practice aware and available to just anyone can leave a witch to feel vulnerable. Take protections, for example. Knowing how a witch fully protected themselves can assist in maliciousness or causing influence from a curse or hex. If you know how one protects themselves, some baneful workings can strategically work around those protections. This is one reason why it's encouraged to use layers of protection. Also, as mentioned in this previous blog entry: Protecting yourself further. For thos reason, witches tend to only share certain information with very trusted individuals or fellow coven members.

A very important reason many witches keep much of their magick to themselves, is to preserve it's special meaning and personal intentions. Given the mentioned above, many witches believe that in sharing all of their personal rituals and traditions can leave much open to mis-interpretation. Or, mis-understandings, etc. This can dull-down the influence in which their magick may have. So, in other words, to have less negativity up against you by avoiding negative opinions of others from not sharing with them about your practice.

No one knows you more than you. Associations come from within and our life experiences. And so, you are the only one who can fully understand your associations and symbilisms, etc.

In online social communities, some novice witches often post pictures of their results to egg cleansing spells, or lemon cleansing spells, or candle wax spells, cord cutting spells, etc. asking other witches for their interpretation. This should also be avoided. Simply, no one else but you can really fully read your own divinatory ritual. If you're not confident enough to read the results of your own divination working, then you may not be ready to attempt such a spell as of yet, in which more research or learning may be required. Don't give up trying to do your own workings until your confident in what you're doing.

Always, trust your instincts, and follow your intuition.

And lastly, witches may not even reveal that they're practitioners in the first place to avoid receiving unnecessary ridicule, judgement, or discrimination from others who may not understand or have bias about what it means to be a witch. After all, some still live in fear for being disclosed as a witch. Whether co-workers, family members, neighbours, or sometimes even close friends, etc. close relationships can be massively affected and lives drastically changed by "coming out of the broom-closet" unintentionally. One should not "out" a witch or disclose a practitioner without their approval.

Not yet even mentioning the learning of the history involving the witch trials, and other brutal attacks on witches in the past can leave one to want to protect themselves further by staying sucluded, or solitary and practice very discretely. As shown in this previous blog entry: "Hollywood" Misconceptions, there are still so many misconceptions of witches these days that many witches rather stick to themselves than to risk feeling prosecuted or criticized for being who they are themselves.

For this reason, many covens have operated in secrecy and some still do. In these cases, coven members are not usually permitted to talk about coven workings or coven business outside of the circle of coven members. This is sometimes done for the protection and saftey of its members.

Thank you for reading my blog, it is in hopes helpful. If you have any questions that I can answer from my own personal perspectives, please feel free to submit them at

Blessed be.

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