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Divination techniques

Submitted question covered in this blog/pictures:

"Why are witches known for tarot readings?"

Thank you for this interesting question. I believe that this is a bit of a stereotype when it comes to witches. Tarot is one of the most popular forms of divination now-a-days. Not just witches work with tarot cards.

A previous blog entry speaks to the use of Runes and Tarot at:

As well as: which provides some self Tarot reading suggestions.

A diviner is anyone who practices a form of divination. Divination can be described as seeking knowledge from the divine. Messages are usually interpreted through the use of an omen, oracle or other divination tool and is often referenced with the aid of a supernatural power.

Witches are often known for their use of Tarot cards as well as many other types of divination that some witches (not all) explore as part of their ongoing practices. The use of the Tarot is probably just more prevalent given it's popularity in general.

As some examples, I thought I would share some of the methods of divination in which i have explored over the years in my own path of witchcraft below: It should be mentioned that it is not expected that in order to be a witch that one would need to know one or all or any of the following divination techniques. In fact, there are many witches who do not undergo divination at all.

To each is own in their own practices.

Some of the different divination techniques that I am familiar with are:

Automatic Writing - Clearing your mind, closing your eyes and allowing your hand to start writing random words or phrases and then interpreting the messages afterwards.

Crystal Ball Scrying - Focusing on or scrying a crystal ball in order to draw inner feelings and visions from deep within yourself.

Rune Castings - dropping runes collectively into a path, grid, or layout in order to interpret the meanings of the runes in which they land.

Charm Castings - dropping charms collectively into a surface and reading the charms as per how they are touching it connected with, or interacting with eachother.

Tea Leaf Readings - drinking tea from a cup and then reading the tea leaves remaining in order to interpret the messages from symbols and patterns that appear.

Flower Peddle Divination - If you remember the saying, "He loves me, he loves me not", then you may already know what I'm referring to. The use of peddles to determine an outcome or response to a question.

Astrology - through the study of energetic influence of the stars and positions of the planetary bodies within the solar system and how they interact with the direction and energies of earth.

Water Scrying - focusing on or scrying the surface of a liquid via the reflections on the surface in order to invoke emotion and visions from within.

Tarot Readings - cards are pulled and laid out on the table, usually in a spread or layout, and messages are interested from the symbolisms of and positions of the cards.

Oracle Card Pulls - similar to tarot cards only does not usually have a specific structure and are read intuitively based on a question or query.

Pendulums - a weighted object thing from a string where as the way in which it swings is read as a message in response to a proposed question or query.

Wittan Sticks - a set of 7 sticks where 3 are shorter then the rest, and one long stick is placed in the ground. The remaining sticks are bunched together, one is descretely chosen while the rest of the sticks are dropped to the ground and messages are read based on how the sticks land and which such has been left still in hand.

Black Mirrors - Focusing on or scrying a mirror that has a dark surface reflection in order to draw inner feelings and visions from deep within yourself.

Deity Divination - Giving offerings towards a deity, presenting a question, or circumstance and then afterwards watching for signs of synchronoustic messages as response.

Fae Divination - Giving offerings towards fae presenting a question, or circumstance and then afterwards watching for signs of synchronoustic messages as response.

Spirit Divination - connecting with spirits and watching for signs of synchronoustic messages from them.

No matter the method or technique that you use to do your own divination, always trust your intuition and follow your instincts. There is no right or wrong way to connect with the messages of the divine.

If you have questions about witches, or witchcraft, please submit them at

Thank you for reading my blog!

Blessed be.

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