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Working with Fae

Updated: May 19, 2023

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"What is the fae?"

Thank you for this question. My knowledge of fae comes from my own experience and may differ from other more advanced practitioners who work directly with the fae. So, I can only speak to what fae means to me.

It is my understanding that the fae originally comes from folklore of European legends, specifically many Irish legends and stories. Fae are sometimes also referred to as fairfolk or fairies.

Image of clover patch

Working with the Fae is a gradual relationship with energies if nature that takes patience to create, and time to build. I started out with seeking out wild nature spirits and energies, making offerings in forests or meadows or by streams, etc.

Sometimes, I think of it like approaching a small timid creature... You'll need to draw the fae to you first before you'll even know if it will pay any or further attention, work with you, or if it will just have fun with you. Protections are always benifitial and advised before a relationship is attempted to be established given that the fae can be known at times for mischeiviousness, trickory, desception, or mockory. However, not all of them are. And so, some say working with the fae can be risky. One witch I know even told me once that in their opinion, not being careful working with the fae can be unexpected and can even get down right dangerous.

Image of St. John's Wart

Some ways of protecting yourself against fae would be with the use of plants such as St. Johns Wart or four leaf clover. Also, is believed that the use of bells or hanging chimes will dispan or discourage fae from an area or property. Opening a circle can also provide containment to avoid uninvited fae influences, boosting confidence.

Here is an example of opening a circle:

In my personal experience, I would say that Fae is more like working with creature spirits and fauna spirits from the surrounding area within nature. Perhaps my perception is misconstruded due to my own experience working within hedge witchery. Though, I've had some very interesting and outstanding results from how I consider the fae and the ways in which I work with the wild fae energies in my practice. Connecting with often requires an envocation of the seven cardinal directions: East; South; West; North; Above; Below; Within.

The Fae Star is a representation of this and for some witches this symbol is used instead of the pentigram. Also known as the Fairy Star, or Elven Star, in which each point also stands for the seven gateways to the Fae Realm, or for the seven ways of manifestation, and there may be more, depending on your practice.

Many can instinctively feel fae presence around them. For others, there may be a physical representation, or an item or object seemingly placed in your path to find. Etc. It has been said to me by an experienced fae witch that if you make a marigold infusion and rub it around one's eyes (without getting in the eyes itself) then that can help a witch to physically see the reflection of fae energy. It is also beleive that if you sit in a groove with specific types of trees present, specifically under a full moon that the fae my briefly appear to you.

Myself, influenced by what little irish ancestry that I have, I simply started leaving specific spell remnants or small but kind offerings out on an outdoor alter dedicated to the purpose of connecting with nature energy. Sometimes an offering can be a simple cup of milk and a small peice of food made from all natural ingredients. A question or concern can be presented as a symbolic gesture or item left on the alter. Communication often comes in the form of an item being taken, or another item presented back to me by being found on the alter or near by for me to be drawn to and find. The message from that communication is derived from deep within my conciseness. When spell remnants that I have left on the alter appear to be taken, then, I can be sure that the nature which I connected with at the time may assist with the intention of my inner and outer workings.

Within many Pagan online communities there have been frequent and enthusiastic debates on whether the fae actually exist or not. Either way, it is mutually agreeable that there is nothing wrong with believing in the fae or nature spirits, fairies, etc. until it can purhaps one day be proven scientifically. However, you determine what's best for your practice.

There are some practitioners of fae magick whom believe that they themselves are descendants of ancient fae beings. In which these witches may use specific identifying terms or pronouns, such as fae/faer, or a sidhe, which is a an Irish word for fairy folk. Or others.

To-each-their-own. Witches all around the world work with the fae in a traditional sense and is not exclusive to regions of Europe due to the vast expanding colonization of the British empire over many centuries in the past and spreading their culture including magickal uses.

If you have questions, past don't hesitate to ask a grey witch at

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