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Dream work

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"Do you know a spell to remember your dreams after waking up?"

Actually, i came across a way to remember dreams accidentally working with plants and herbs. This question is greatly appriciated, thank you. Previously I tried to create a more restful sleep for myself by mixing scents with incense or mist sprays. In doing so, i found that specific herbs have off a scent that could encourage the recollection or details when dreaming.

The spell that I recommend is extremely simple. But requires a certain mist spray or incense combination. The scents that I found most restful was a jasmine/cedarwood infusion. I like to make into a sleep potion mist spray that I can spray the mist around myself before starting my bedtime routine (brush teeth, change clothes, etc.). The mist helpes to calm the mind before falling asleep allowing to remain calm throughout and experiencing a more restful sleep. However, I also noticed having more dreams during. Or rather, I was in fact remembering more of the dreams that I have while I slept when I use the spray in this way.

To remember my dreams even more clearly than I was with the above method, as referred to in the submitted question, I would add rosemary or mugwart to make this mist, or the placing of a rosemary or mugwart herb bundle under my pillow whilst I sleep would also work well.

To make the mist spray mentioned above, I like to use moon water and witchhazel as the base (witchhazel helps everything mesh with the water for a more even distribution in the mist).  If no witchhazel is available, can use a strong alcohol like vodka (ratio: 1/3 witchhazel (or alcohol) and 2/3 moon water. Then add 20-30 drops of each essencial oils, in this case jasmine and cedarwood (or sandlewood would also work). Let sit until the next full moon and then use anytime thereafter.  To use, shake well and then mist in the air around about 10 or so minutes before expecting to go to sleep.

Place the mugwart or rosemary under your pillow placed in a little bag, or sachet, it wrapped in a thin cloth. These herbs can also be combined into an incense to burn the smoke lightly and waft around you before starting your bedtime routine.  This is a great time to say an incantation, prayer, or speak your desires with intention.

As well as with a scented oil mixture version, this mist spray or incense mix can be used in conjunction with astral travel or dream work to help remember details more clearly. If wanting to remember your dreams always keep a notebook or memopad and a pen or pencil beside the bed where you sleep so that whenever you wake up, right away you can write down the details you remember. This is important because each of us slowly begin to forget what we dream once we wake up. So, writing it down right away - first thing allows to review and remember details. Also, throughout the day, if you can recall anything further about your dreams from that night prior, then adding those details to your notebook or memo to yourself may help to compile as much of the dream as possible.

Another way to use dreams to your advantage is to ask yourself a specific question before you fall asleep and then allow your subconscious mind in your dreams to describe the answer to you. To do this, spray the mist around as described above and then write the question for yourself on a piece of paper and place it under your pillow while you sleep. Then, in the morning (or whenever you wake up) write down any details they can be remembered. What is wrote down should contain the answer to the asked question.

If there are any questions about this spell please do not hesitate to ask. Of course, other questions that haven't been covered yet with a blog entry can be submitted at

Rest well, & Thanks for visiting and reading my blog!

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