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Humanist Wicca VS Luciferian Wicca

Submitted question covered in the blog:

"Since your practice is about self empowerment, why are you not Luciferian?"

This is a very interesting question as there are some similarities between these two traditions even though each are very different from each other.

Some of the ways in which Luciferian Wicca and Humanist Wicca are similar is that both traditions share some common ground, despite their contrasting ideologies on the divine. They are practitioners witchcraft and incorporating magick into their spiritual beliefs. Individual autonomy and self-empowerment are valued. And, each celebrate nature and often hold reverence for the earth. Both traditions encourage critical thinking and morally doing the right thing.

Art of combined traditions

Some of the differences between Luciferian Wicca and Humanist Wicca can be found within the core beliefs about the divine, which differ significantly. Luciferian Wiccans may revere Lucifer, a rebellious figure, as a symbol of individualism and pride. This symbolic figure is not related to nor connected with the Christian fallen angel Lucifer, nor the devil, Satan, etc. Lucifer is meant as the first known reference to the morning Star. The name means the light bringer. It was the original name for the planet Venus long ago, before knowing that it was a planet. Humanist Wiccans, on the other hand, are generally non-theistic and focus more on personal growth as a human being and their connection to nature.

Luciferian Wicca often draws from Satanism, emphasizing nonconformity and self-interest. Whereas Humanist Wicca aligns more with humanist philosophy, promoting reason, compassion, ethics and supporting others.

Luciferian Symbolic Figure

Rituals in Luciferian Wicca may focus more on self-empowerment and achieving spiritual goals. Humanist Wiccans on the other hand often celebrate nature-based holidays, may practice meditation or visualization, and focus on connecting with each of the aspects of their own connections with humanity.

More about Humanist Wicca can be read in this previous blog post: Humanist Wicca.

Practicing Humanist Wicca was a personal choice of my own based on preference and how I've always viewed my place in the world long before I considered myself Wiccan. It felt and feels right to me. My Humanist philosophy has shaped my Wiccan practices. That's not to say that it should be right for everyone. Each and every one if us must find what path resonates with ourselves most as individuals.

Trust your instincts and follow your intuition.

Art with Humanist symbology

Thank you to whom submitted this very appreciated question! Please feel free to submit your own questions at:

Blessed be.

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