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Updated: Jun 19

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"Is it a conflict to be a wiccan and a humanist at the same time?"

This very open question is welcome and very much appriciated. Thank you to whom submitted it after reading my previous blog entry: Secular Wicca.

Being both Wiccan and Humanist may seem like an interesting combination, it is indeed possible without much conflict. Here is my view on both belief structures:


  • Wicca emphasizes reverence for nature, the cycles of the seasons, and the worship of various deities.

  • Traditionally, Wiccans are polytheists, meaning they believe in and invoke numerous gods and goddesses. (For me, deities are representations of the aspects of our own human nature. This makes me a secular practitioner.)

  • Wicca places great importance on the natural world, celebrating the changing seasons, moon phases, and the elements (earth, air, fire, water).

  • Wiccans often perform rituals, cast spells, and work with energies of themselves and their surroundings.


  • Humanism is a secular worldview that focuses on reason, ethics, and compassion without reliance on supernatural beliefs.

  • Humanists generally are atheists, agnostics, pantheists, or polytheists. The emphasis is on individual exploration and personal beliefs of one's self.

  • Humanism places humans at the center of ethical considerations, emphasizing human rights, social justice, and critical thinking.

  • Unlike traditional religions, humanism does not have an official doctrine. It encourages individuals to find their own spiritual path.

In my personal practice, I blended elements of both belief systems. While I very much appreciate Wiccan rituals, symbolism, and reverence for nature I also embracing humanist values. Being both Wiccan and Humanist was a personal choice of my own while I explored practices from both traditions and create a unique spiritual path that resonated with myself.

Both Wicca and Humanism each include many diverse perspectives. There are many different kinds of Wiccans, and there are many different kinds of Humanists. It is my beleif that, one day, science will be able to explain intuition, manifestation, and magick. Or even consciousness. My incorporation of humanist principles into my Wiccan practice has even inspired some humanists that I've met. I am accepted as an active and involved member of Humanist Canada.

One can certainly explore and integrate aspects of Wicca into many other belief systems, including Humanism. This previous blog entry is a good example: Catholic Witches.

However, it’s always essential to follow your own spiritual journey with what resonates with you, yourself while respecting your own beliefs as well as those of all others.

It is in hopes that his has been clearly explained. Please do not hesitate to reach out at if there are any more questions.

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