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Source of magickal ingredients/items

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"Where do you purchase your ingredients and items?"

This question is very much appriciated, Thank you, as there is a common misconception that doing witchcraft can be expensive to obtain the necessary supplies to do spells. This is simply untrue.

Many magickal ingredients can be obtained from our surroundings outside within nature. As described in this previous blog post: Self-made tools within my craft.

Many believe that the more locally sourced, the better.

Personally, I myself obtain most of what I need for my spellwork and rituals from my own naturalized yard around my home:

As the seasons change, so does my practice as the available supplies that I work with also change through out the wheel of the year. I look forward to these phases of my practice as it has evolved with each turn.

Of course, not everything need be home made or created or grown yourself. As long as you cleanse or concecrate items clearing then if others' energies before implementing them into your workings, rituals, traditions or ceremonies.

Many common items around the house and home can be successfully implemented into magickal workings with associations for each and can also be worked with intention. As referred to in this previous blog entry also: Common household irem substitutions

There is also nothing wrong with buying ingredients or tools from other creators, practitioners or merchants. It is believed that the creation of a tool is energetically charging that item as it's made. So, getting to know the supplier may also be important to some. I feel the need to reiterate cleansing and clearing the energies. For example, smoke cleansing mentioned in this previous blog entry: smoke cleansing and black salt.

However, creating the item is not the only way to charge an item with your energy. It really depends on each individual and it is up to you how you may connect with the particular item, tool, or ingredient, etc. Some practitioners carry the item on them as much a possible, others sleep with the item under their pillow (if possible), others do ceremony or ritual to connect their energy to an item, carve or draw letters, symbols, runes, or other magickal markings on the item, etc. What ever you feel is most connecting.

To acknowledge the question more directly, some places which I have heard witches to purchase supplies are:

  • Department stores near by

  • At the grocery store or local market

  • At a local farmers' market

  • At small popup witchy or crystal markets, etc.

  • Purchased used from friends, family, etc.

  • Myself, I like to find local metaphysical shops to support by purchasing supplies or collaborate my business services with if/when possible.

Please see this other previous blog entry which may be of interest:  purchased items used in my craft.

If deciding to go online shopping and purchase items and supplies through website platforms, such as Amazon for example, please be mindful of the source of the ingredients or materials of tools that you are inquiring about. Ethically sourced components and procedures to obtain the product is important when it comes to the energies and associated properties involved. If companies are not up front about this information, it would be my recommendation to purchase it from somewhere else.

There are also many fraudulant merchants unfortunately who sell inappropriate items such as fake crystals, misidentified herbs, unofficial tarot decks, non-realistic tool replicas, etc. which can be misleading even if there are images of the products. Be careful!!! - especially if purchasing ingredients to be absorbed or ingested, such as salves, tinctures, oils, or herbs, etc. ...i prefer to make my own as that I know how it was made, with what, and added my own energyic influence and intention throughout the process of making them.

It is in hopes that this is helpful. Thank you for reading my blog. Questions are always welcome at


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