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Vengeance or Virtue

Submitted question covered in this blog:

"I was verbally bad mouthed on phone to new employer do you see that persons name please?"

Thank you so much for this submission. I felt I should be sure that some proper time and consideration has been given so that your question can be addressed appropriately.  This question IS greatly appreciated. Many people experience the feeling of being betrayed, usually by someone considered a friend or ally. It usually involves dishonest or disloyal behavior that undermines or harms another person. This can take many forms, such as spreading rumors, gossiping, taking credit for someone else's work, or saying bad and untrue things about someone, etc. it can feel like the term 'backstabbing' which can be very hurtful and damaging to relationships.

First off, I'm sorry to hear that someone has "bad mouthed" you as you've described.  That must be difficult, or frustrating or perhaps infuriating depending on the situation.  This website is setup to help and support others to learn to do witchcraft for themselves. For more information about the intuitive services which I offer, please visit my other website at I should mention that it is a fundamental belief of mine that each and everyone one of us as human beings is capable of intuition, divination and other psychic abilities. Giving yourself the time to really process the different aspects involved within your situation is important and can help you to determine who it is that's involved. My recommendation would be to consider the shadow work that may be helpful to you.  Considering the motive or intention of the other person.

Here are some example questions you may want to consider:

  • Is there anything that you may have done to warrant this action taken?

  • Who would even want to do this?

  • What would be the benefit of such actions?

  • What do you suppose has compelled them to do what they did?

  • Did their actions make them look admirable in the eyes of your employer?

  • Is there some sort of potential promotion, raise or benefit involved for that other person connected to the actions taken?

While allowing your intuition to guide you through the shadow work process, you may be able to actually narrow down for yourself the person who is responsible as you consider these or similar questions. Use your mind, follow your heart and listen to your gut.

  • And finally, to also consider what will you do with the name(s) of the other(s) involved?

Is your desire to inflict harm in return for a wrong done? Or, are you willing to consider positive moral qualities? forgiveness, compassion? Or perhaps it's about justice? Shadow work can affirm your pure intentions to be sure that you remain true to yourself and no further negative influences can be involved.

Here are some previous articles regarding shadow work, in case helpful: 

Another factor to consider - if part of your practice - is the 'Law Of Three'. It is believed by many practitioners (not all) that generally the intention of our actions return to us three times more impactful then originally intended during our lives. While other religions may believe in reward after death, or in rebirth, Wiccan's typically believe we are rewarded while still alive. In other words, someone who is kind, generous, or intending to be helpful would see returned to them kindness, generosity and help from others around them. However, if someone is cruel, malicious, intending to be harmful to others then they would receive cruelty, malice, and experience further harm from others around them. Some practitioners refer this as an effect of the 'Law Of Attraction'. This belief is that what you attracted to yourself energetically from the universe is based mainly on what you energetically put out to the universe. As the suggestive expression goes, "Do unto others the way you want done unto you." This is considered to be a rephrase of what's known as the popular "Golden Rule", to treat others the ways in which you would like to be treated. This is called the Golden Rule because this philosophy exists in almost every religion of the world today.

That being said, if this other person was actually acting in bad faith, it may help you to feel better knowing that it will return to them three times fold. What goes around, comes around!

Also, protections may help to feel more grounded, focused and empowered:

When I was young and learning how to swim, I would be more confident of a beginner swimmer with the use of a learning aid or strategy, such as water-wings or a life jacket. Water wings were air filled looped and sealed pouches that children fit their arms into so that the water-wings sit directly below the shoulders which helps a child to keep their head afloat while learning to swim (see image above). Protections work in a similar way by providing guidance, support and grounding for a witch to stand in their own power more comfortably.

More about protections can be read in these other blog entries:

I hope that this has been helpful. Thank you for visiting my website, viewing my blog and submitting your question!

Blessed be.

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