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Demystifying mediumship

The submitted question covered in this blog:

"Do you use angles or guides to do mediumship?"

This question is so very much appreciated, thank you to whom submitted it! Because, there are different types of 'psychics', and different kinds of 'mediums' and also different ways to do mediumship. I believe you mean, "angels" ;)

Firstly, in no way am I saying that one way (or my way) of practicing mediumship is right, or better than others. Just like witchcraft as a whole, there is no right or wrong way to connect with your intuition or intention.

Secondly, a medium is a psychic that helps interpret messages associated with the spirit of past loved ones.

More about spirit mediumship in this previous blog entry at: Spirit Mediumship

For me, in answering this question of using angels or guides, I can answer, "No" and "yes" depending on how I look at it. I can explain...

Personally, I do not believe in angels as heavenly beings. So, my answer is "no". In my personal practice I am a secular practitioner. It is a fundamental belief of mine that each and every one of us as human beings have an ability to use our intuition and connect with energies we carry with us. When I practice mediumship I believe that I am connecting with my sitter's energy (that is the best way that I can describe the experience for myself) in an empathic fashion. I look within myself for guidance.

Looking within myself to the aspects of my own human nature are my guides. And so, I feel like I can also answer, "Yes". I do allow my instincts to guide me through a reading. Although, I wouldn't describe this as guiding myself. Finding and creating relationship with the different parts of my inner self and what makes me human is my way of working with deities in my Wiccan practices. As an archetypal representations and not as external supernatural beings. In reference to "angels", I would look at this like energy we carry with us of loved ones. Their 'spirit' in the sense of what their presence felt like when with them. We cherish our memories and we remember the presences of the ones that we love. Within my mediumship readings, it is the messages within the sitter that is the most impactful.

Within a mediumship reading with me, there is no expectation to share any information beforehand, no need to bring any objects, nor pictures with you, etc.  As a sitter of the reading session, we will quickly meet, i will explain what it is that I do. And then, I will take a moment to connect with the energies of my sitter and try to interpret what I receive whilst requesting confirmations through out. Once validated, questions can be asked. Quite often the messages wont make any sense to me. However, make absolute sense to the sitter of my readings.  Messages are often what is seemingly needed to be delivered through the associations held of our past loved ones.

There are many misconceptions about mediumship and also about those who identify as psychic in general. These misconceptions are unfortunatly commen and often driven by fear generated by movies, fictional novels, and other forms of entertainment. As mentioned in this previous blog entry: Hollywood misconceptions

There are many kinds of ways in which to practice mediumship naturally. Whether through the use of meditation, or aids or tools, such as spirit boards, pendulums, tarot cards, oracles, etc. I can only speak to my own experiences as a professional intuitive reader. For me, mediumship is one of many parts of my practices as a grey witch.

More information about my profession is available on the sponsor page.

Thank you so much for asking this question. Please feel free to submit more witchcraft related questions at

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