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Over 100+ submitted questions!!! 

Since the website first went live in December of 2021, over 100 submitted questions have been received and responded to.  

Thank you to everyone who has submitted their questions to!  Together we can break misconceptions that may still exist about Wiccans, witches and other magickal practitioners.

+/- Creating balance  +/-

Welcome to a personal online space that offers and explores the opinions of one individual practitioner of magick, a Grey Witch.  It should be mentioned right from the start that the thoughts and ideas shared here are not intended to represent others.  The intention is to provide an example of one practice as a reference or starting point for those who may have questions or are looking for suggestions or new ideas when setting up their own unique practice involving Witchcraft. 

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Sacred Meadow Circle
empowerment gatherings

And, informational webpages about the aspects of the Sacred Meadow Circle tradition.  These pages includes details about the coven and suggestions and advice about Witchcraft, Wicca, and Magick intended to help anyone to setup their own unique and personal practice for themselves. 

Upcoming Events:


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Please feel free to join me for the next  

The Astral S.M.C. virtual gathering 

Hosted by Sacred Meadow Circle

Wednesday April 17th, 2024 

Starts at 7PM EST


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Zoom Event!

Stafford Tarot is hosting a special Spirit Talk Live Event Please join me while we discuss spirit communication together and during, everyone will learn to receive general messages from spirit for themselves.

Tuesday April 30th, 2024 

Starts at 7:30PM EST


In-Person Event
   & Market!

It is very exciting to share that the Grey Witch from will again be participating in The Witches Gathering this year, 

Hosted by Luna Events Canada.

Friday May 3, 2024 &

Saturday May 4, 2024

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   Free Online
   Live Event!

Please feel free to join me for  

The Tarot Talk Live Event

 by Stafford Tarot

Monthly broadcasts!!!

Check event announcements at: or


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Please feel free to join me for  

The Multi-Dimensional Discussions 

Podcast by Bryan Stafford

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Questions about Withcraft - Thank you for entering my free draw


to the lucky winners of the most recent free draws to remotely receive a free short intuitive charm, rune, or tarot reading via a video chat platform.  -  Thank you to everyone who showed interest.

These free draws are currently being done monthly. Visit upcoming events to keep watch for upcoming draw dates.          &    G O O D    L U C K ! ! !

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