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Seekers of Magic and Spellcasting, Welcome! Learn, share and connect.

Have you heard the call to reconnect with your inner witch?

The Witches Gathering is an educational gathering of modern witches who are seeking to improve their personal craft, share their wisdom and connect deeply to their intuition.  These workshops and lectures will help you to remember, reconnect and reclaim your inner witch. You will be guided by phenomenal witches of all traditions, as we explore the ancient principles and practices of witchcraft through these educational offerings.   

These gatherings will no doubt present valuable opportunities, as we honor the collective and the individual growth of the mystic, witch and seeker in a safe and non-threatening environment. Our intention is to provide a beautiful, moving and thought-provoking experience for all attendees. All levels of experience are welcomed!   Come and gather with us and become part of a magical community. 

Workshops:   (2024)


6:30pm - Develop Your Psychic & Intuitive Gifts with Gada Jane

7:00pm - Witchcraft on a Budget with Akeyla Wild Wood

8:15pm- Candle Magick with Mary Vivilecchia

8:30pm- An Evening with Spirit with Vicki Silva


10:30am- The History of Magical Herbs

11:00am- Moon Moves Yoga Flow

12:00pm- Introduction to Mediumship

12:30pm - Healing through sound & Crystal Connection

1:30pm - Decode Your Soul Purpose

2:00pm - How to Cast & Create Your Own Spells


3:00pm- Generating Energy for Manifestation

3:30pm- Connecting with Your ‘Clairs’: Understanding the way your 'woo-woo' works for you

4:30pm- The Wheel of the Year: The Magick of the Sabbats

5:45pm - Unveiling the Mysteries of the Tarot with the Major Arcana

6:30pm - The Witches Circle: Celebrating Beltane

7:50pm - Light Spectrum Astrology

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