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Coming Soon

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Please feel free to submit a question or topic that you would like to learn about and I'd be happy to provide information from my perspective as a male witch or to answer any questions that you may have.

Where if I can provide an example, I may include pictures or make a video. Although videos may be hosted in YouTube, it will be shared here within the posts of this blog.

Please don't mind the advertising as I do not make money from this "Ask a Grey Witch" website. And so, I'm also not paying to have the advertising removed or to purchase software for editing at this time. Perhaps if I one day can accept donations I could register the applications and remove the advertising, etc. But, my goal here is not about making a profit. As a light worker following a calling to help others, I am hoping to do just that -- to help others.

Much is still to be decided. Stay tuned!!!

Coming soon RIGHT HERE is my new blog where I will be answering questions submitted by you! Please submit your questions and they WILL be included in the upcoming entries -- Thanks!!!

Don't forget to subscribe below to stay up to date when new entries are posted.

Update: so to remove some advertising, this webpage is been featured and sponsored by:

The messages within await!

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